NRS Modular Raft Frame System: Key Features

NRS Modular Raft Frame System: Key Features

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When you’re building a raft frame, one key feature is adjustability. This is exactly what the NRS modular raft frame system is designed for.

All the parts quickly and easily move to exactly where you need them. This helps get your raft setup precisely how you want it. And, if you need to add or adjust gear, or change your setup, it’s as easy as loosening a couple bolts and sliding the pieces where you need them.


NRS Modular Raft Frame Adaptability

What makes the NRS frame system really unique is its adaptability. You can have one raft, yet have a ton of different setups.

You can have a raft fishing set up. You can have a multi-day expedition set up. Or you can just have a minimal frame if you want several other paddles in the boat.


NRS LoPro Raft Frame Fittings

NRS LoPro Frame Fittings

NRS LoPro Frame Fittings


The LoPro Fitting allows you to easily configure and customize your frame. Made from hot-forged aluminum alloy for a strength-to-weight ratio that can't be beat, this streamlined, polished piece of hardware is the heart of the NRS frame system. The… Read More

One of the things that makes NRS raft frames so unique and adaptable is the LoPro fitting system. It is a forged aluminum LoPro clamp. There’s a stainless steel U-bolt with nylon block washers. This enables you to put the frame together easily and seamlessly, and the U-bolt secures it.


NRS Frame Wrench

NRS Frame Wrench

NRS Frame Wrench


The NRS Frame Wrench is the all-in-one tool necessary for setting up and adjusting your NRS raft frame. Features 1/2" socket, Phillips and Flat Head Screwdriver. Use this for tightening down NRS frame components, oar rights, and oar sleeves. … Read More

All of this adaptability is possible with a single small tool: the NRS frame wrench.

This tool has a half inch socket on one side and then a flat head and a Phillip screwdriver on the other side. Essentially, you loosen the lock nuts and then slide the modular raft components anywhere you need them on the frame.


NRS Modular Raft Frame Summary

This system really allows you to lay out the frame and put it together easily.

From there you can tweak it with small adjustments whenever you need. This can mean adjusting your footrest, seat, mounts or anything else specific to your paddling position and size. 

If you have any questions about raft frames, or anything rafting, please feel free to contact us below or visit us in store!


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