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Thule Motion 3: Design Meets Functionality

Tom here from AQ Outdoors and Roof Racks Calgary. Today, we're excited to dive into the brand new Motion 3 Cargo Box from Thule. Let's take a closer look at the impressive features and enhancements this latest model has to offer.

Evolution of the Motion Cargo Box

The original Motion Cargo Box was introduced about six years ago, and now Thule has brought out the Motion 3, refining the original design and introducing new sizes to the lineup. One of the standout improvements is the addition of new sizes to the Motion series. The Motion 3 now comes in standard sizes from L, XL, and XXL, with the new addition of a low series, available in XL Low and XXL Low.

New Low Series

The "Low" series refers to the reduced height of the cargo box, which is perfect for those with limited garage clearance. It's also ideal for those who primarily carry skis but still need space for small luggage and baggage. Despite the reduced height, the overall functionality remains intact.

Stylish and Functional Color Options

The Motion 3 is available in two classic colors: All Black and Titan Gray. These color choices ensure your cargo box complements your vehicle’s aesthetic while providing robust functionality.

Enhanced Features

Improved Aerodynamics and Design

Thule has redesigned the overall shape of the Motion 3. It now features a swinging contoured front end that reduces drag, improves fuel economy, and gives it a cleaner look on your vehicle. This new design brings the front end closer to the windshield, enhancing both performance and aesthetics.

Streamlined Rear End

The back end of the box has been significantly shortened and includes a full cutaway in the middle, accommodating radio antennas and shark fins. This redesign allows for a larger box to fit on your vehicle without interfering with trunk access.

Easier Loading and Access

One of the standout features is the reduced height on the sides of the box, making loading easier compared to traditional high-cut designs. The Motion 3 maintains the convenient dual-side opening and utilizes Thule's excellent slide lock mechanism. This feature ensures the box automatically latches shut without needing any twists or turns on the key.

New Lid Protection

The Motion 3 includes a wire cage on the lid, allowing it to open and close more uniformly from front to back. This improvement eliminates the need for two hands to open the box, providing a smoother and more user-friendly experience.

Accessories and Mounting Hardware

Thule is expanding the accessory options for the Motion 3. You can now add internal carpeting and an auto-illuminating LED light as additional features. Additionally, the Motion 3 employs Thule's PowerClick mounting hardware, making it incredibly easy to mount and dismount the box from your vehicle in under two minutes.

Final Thoughts

Our initial impressions of the Thule Motion 3 Cargo Box are very positive. It promises to be an excellent replacement for the original Motion series, with subtle yet significant improvements in both features and aesthetics. The quality build and thoughtful design enhancements make it a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their cargo carrying capabilities.