Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions!

"Do you offer rentals?"

We are now only offering splitboard and snowshoe package rentals in the winter/spring. For kayak/SUP rentals, we recommend

"Do you sell used gear?"

We host a consignment sale in April every year to help people sell their used gear. We don't offer used gear on sale year-round, or swap used gear for new items.

"What is your course cancellation policy?"

Aquabatics Calgary reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or change location of the course if the weather conditions, water levels or any other unforeseen circumstances occur that prevents us from running a safe course that provides students with the greatest amount of learning opportunities. In this case, we will reschedule or refund free of charge.

Up to 48 hours before a course a $10 cancellation fee will be applied or you can reschedule free of charge.
Within 48 hours of the course no refunds will be given and a $10 administration fee will be applied to reschedule for a different date

"Where can I paddle? What's the best way to check flow rates, put-in, take-out, etc.?" is the go-to source!

"Do you ship? How much is shipping?"

Ship link:

"Can I return this if it doesn't work out?"

Return link:

"How do I know if a pfd fits me?"

All of our adult pfds are rated for the same buoyancy, the fit is done by chest size. If you pull up on the shoulder straps and they don't come up above your ears, it fits!

"Do you handle repairs?"

We do repair gaskets on drysuits, but for inflatable kayaks we recommend checking out

"I'm new to kayaking, where do I start?"

You can find our course list here or we recommend trying our Wednesday evening rentals on the Glenmore Reservoir if you're not sure what style of kayak you'd like best before purchasing one.

"What do I legally need in my boat?"

Alberta regulation states you need a signaling device (whistle or flare), >15m of throw rope, a way to get water out of your boat (bailer or bilge pump), a personal floatation device on your person, and a way to propel your boat.. like a motor or paddle!

"Where are you located?"

We are based out of Calgary in the SE and we have an Edmonton location on 99th St.

"Are you a local business?"

We are a proud local business but we ship nationally and to the States.

"Can someone else pick up my order?"

Yes, please tell them your order number and full name.

"If I buy something online can I return it in-store?"

Yes, any online order can be returned or exchanged in-store with the order number, receipt, or full name.

"What do I need to bring to my course?"

All of the kayaking/paddleboarding equipment is provided, however, we recommend you bring some noncotton layers for warmth. A water bottle, sunscreen, snacks, and a change of clothes are also recommended. You will receive an email closer to the start of the course with more details.

"Are you able to transfer a product if it is available in a different location?"

Yes, we are currently doing transfers between our Edmonton and Calgary locations once a week. In the off-season, we do transfers bi-weekly.

"How do I know which roof rack will fit my vehicle?"

We are able to find the fit for your vehicle using the following information: Make, model, year, and if there is anything currently on your vehicle roof. You can give one of our friendly staff a call at 403-288-9283 and we will use this information to help you find a rack.

"What is the difference between a flush rail and raised rail?"

When finding a roof rack for your vehicle it is important to be able to distinguish what is currently on your vehicle roof. A flush rail system is a raised metal piece running from front to back that is completely attached to the roof. A raised rail is a bar running front to back with a gap between the roof and the bar (you should be able to wrap your hand all the way around the bar).