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Review: Thule Hullavator vs. MOS UpLift Rack Systems

Hey there, Kaelen here from AQ Outdoors and Roof Racks Calgary, and today we're taking a deep dive into the world of lift-assist racks, comparing two popular options: the Thule Hullavator and the UpLift from MOS Racks.

Introducing MOS Racks

We're excited to introduce MOS Racks, a Canadian brand that's making waves in the world of outdoor gear. As the first dealer in Alberta to stock MOS Racks, we're stoked to bring you their innovative UpLift lift-assist rack. Unlike traditional lift-assist systems, the UpLift is designed to work with a variety of sporting goods categories, from bikes and kayaks to skis and cargo boxes. Its versatility and do-it-all-in-one capabilities, certainly make it a standout product on the market right now.

Thule Hullavator: A Classic Choice

On the other hand, the Thule Hullavator has long been a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. Specifically designed for kayaks, the Hullavator is a specialty rack that has stood the test of time. Its integrated kayak cradle sets it apart from other lift-assist systems on the market, providing seamless support for your boat.

Pros and Cons Comparison

While the Hullavator offers seamless integration with kayak loading, the UpLift requires a separate kayak cradle, adding an extra step to the setup process. Both systems fall within a similar price range, with the Thule Hullavator currently priced at $999.95 and the MOS UpLift at $1099.95. Additionally, both racks offer optional locks for added security, a must-have for outdoor adventurers.

Installation and Compatibility

When it comes to installation, the UpLift shines with its fast and easy setup. However, its taller profile may pose clearance issues for vehicles, particularly in garages. On the other hand, the Hullavator offers multiple mounting hardware options, catering to a variety of roof rack setups. It requires four inches of overhang on the ends of your crossbars for proper clearance, whereas the UpLift can be mounted flush to the crossbars.

Making the Right Choice

Lift-assist racks are a game-changer for anyone with tall vehicles or difficulty reaching the roofline. The Hullavator remains a top choice for avid kayakers seeking seamless loading assistance, while the UpLift is the go-to option for those with diverse outdoor gear needs.

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