How to Attach a Frame to a Raft

How to Attach a Frame to a Raft

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So you have a frame, and now you need to attach it to your raft. Luckily, the process is pretty straightforward with just a few straps. In this article we go over some key points to keep in mind when attaching a frame to a raft, and a couple inside tips.


Counter Tension

Counter tension is a major concept to keep in mind when you're tying your frame down to your raft. What keeps the frame from sliding around is having straps pulling in opposing directions at the corners of the frame.

So, if you have a strap from the D-ring in the bow, then in the back make sure there’s a strap coming from the opposite angle from a D-ring in the stern. Then, repeat this on the other side.

This way, no matter which frame way the frame shifts it's pulling against a strap that counter tensions, which keeps it from moving. As long as you're considering the counter tension principle, you're gonna be fine attaching your frame to your raft.


How to Attach Your Raft Frame Using Straps

Two, three and four foot NRS Straps are gonna do the job. 4 straps, one in each corner, is usually enough.

Some people who are charging big water oftentimes run the corners diagonally and then also run one sort laterally up a couple more D-rings to give them a little more sense of security.

But attaching your frame to your raft is a pretty simple concept. It's as easy as just running a strap in a loop around your frame and through that D-ring and then tightening it. 


Securing Your Attachment Strap With a Girth Hitch

A little trick is to use a girth hitch to connect the strap to the D-ring. This technique is extremely secure and enables easier on-the-fly adjustment.


Raft Frame Strap Girth Hitch Steps

1. Take a bite on the strap, run it through the D-ring, then pull the strap and the buckle through

how to attach a frame to a raft bight

2. Cinch it up. This is a secure, stationary position for the strap.

how to attach a frame to a raft girth hitch

3. Then go around my frame back up through the buckle. 

how to attach a frame to a raft d ring

This way, if you’re in the raft and need to tighten up the frame for some reason, you can grab the strap tail and give it a pull. 

how to attach a frame to a raft nrs strap

Attaching a Frame to a Raft Summary

Hope this helps provide some insight into how to attach your frame to your raft! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below or visit us in store.

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