Beginners Guide to Recreational Kayak Gear

Beginners Guide to Recreational Kayak Gear

Simon Coward
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Words By: Simon Coward

Note:  Please watch video (above) first as it covers all the gear in detail with action shots.  Text below is to outline approximate pricing etc.


Thanks so much for checking out the Aquabatics Calgary Beginners Guide to Recreational Kayaking Gear. In this video and blog post we hope to cover all the gear you need, might want and some luxury/specific items you may end up looking into if you really progress in the sport.  If at any point you have any questions or comments on the video or post please don’t hesitate to contact us by You Tube comment or email.

This text portion is to outline the three categories identified in the video (Needs | Wants | Luxuries), what they contain and price ranges based on differing levels of equipment.  We hope this helps aspiring recreational paddlers understand the gear out there and how much to budget for.

Please note, this is just an intro to everything involved, we would love to discuss the details with you further if you have questions.  We have included a range of pricing to give you an idea of ‘good – better – best’, all equipment is super high quality and produced with whitewater kayaking in mind.

Please note:  All prices and products are a guideline only.  Prices change year to year based on many factors, as do models and availability




  1. Kayaks: $900 - $1,900
  2. Paddles: $160 - $620
  3. Personal Flotation Devices: $100 - $220
  4. Paddling Safety Kit: $35-$160



Note:  If you live in a cold climate or somewhere with Glacier fed/cold water then these ‘wants’ will be an important part of your upfront budget as you really do need a variation of the gear below to start the sport safely


  1. Sprayskirts: $113 - $175
  2. Paddling Jacket: $130 - $550
  3. Insulating Base Layers: $40.00 - $200
  4. Paddling Shoes: $65 - $150
  5. Paddling Gloves & Mitts: $38 - $80
  6. Storm Caps & Hoods: $30 - $35




  1. Paddle Float: $75.95
  2. Paddle Leash: $35.95
  3. Digital Communication & GPS Devices: $200 - $600
    • BC Link Group Communication Radio: $199.00
    • InReach Explorer+: $599.00
  4. Dry Bags: $15 - $280


This is just an outline of everything, you can often pick up great items on clearance or used items that could fit the bill.  We would love to chat with you further about the gear required and to answer any questions that you have.

Cheers for checking this out and please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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