Which Kayak Course is Right For Me?

Which Kayak Course is Right For Me?

Simon Coward
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Words By: Simon Coward

Thanks for checking out the Aquabatics Calgary Kayak School.  Since 2004 we have been passionately running our paddlesports school, where we strive to provide a valuable, and educational program for a variety of paddlesports disciplines.  Our goal is to ensure that we find the right paddlesport for everyone, and that all participants leave our programs feeling that they can go out and have an enjoyable, and safe time on the water and, have a clear vision of the next steps to improving.

Depending on your ideal day on the water, we offer a variety of programs to make paddling the ultimate experience for each individual.  The categories we focus on are recreational kayaking, kayak touring, adventure recreational kayaking, whitewater kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding.  All have different appeal to different people.  We are here to help make sure you find the right option for you, and that you become (like us) paddlers for life.

Below is a brief description of each category, which mirrors the info in the above video.

RECREATIONAL: If getting out on a beautiful lake or slow-moving river, soaking up the scenery and being away from the hustle and bustle of life sounds like your jam, then please consider one of our recreational kayak programs. 
With a clear set of outcomes centered around arming you with the skills and knowledge to safely get out on the water with friends and family after the course(s), Aquabatics Calgary’s instructors  will ensure you have a safe, fun and educational time on the water.

Click here to see our full lineup of Recreational Kayak Program

KAYAK TOURING: If exploring the beautiful mountain lakes of the Rockies for a full day or even overnight trip sounds like an enjoyable, peaceful paddling experience, then consider checking out our kayak touring programs.  With a mix of skill, adventure, and paddling through beautiful landscapes, our instructors will ensure you finish this program feeling confident to go on similar trips on your own.

Click here to see our full lineup of Kayak Touring Programs.

ADVENTURE RECREATIONAL KAYAKING:  Going all out with whitewater paddling seems a little too much excitement, but paddling on a lake doesn’t get you going?  Our Adventure Rec programs are right up your alley.  Mellow whitewater, long day trips, river camping out of your kayak, this is what adventure rec is all about.
These programs focus on a mix of skills, safety, river running, and adventure tripping to ensure you have an educational and enjoyable experience. 

Click here to see our full lineup of Adventure Recreational Kayak Programs.

WHITEWATER KAYAKING: You are a thrill seeker and you want to take on the river head on.  We offer a huge range of courses, from first time river paddlers with no experience all the way up to running your first waterfall, these programs will give you the full adventure experience, while teaching important skills and safety for this exciting and challenging environment.

Click here to see our full lineup of Whitewater Kayaking Programs.

STAND-UP PADDLEBOARDING: If seeing the lakes and rivers from a more ‘elevated’ perspective is more your speed, then consider checking out our SUP programs. From basic start-up courses to advanced lake and river courses, these programs will allow you to enjoy the water on a SUP board. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a day out with friends or hone in your skills, our instructors will work with you to provide a fun and educational day on the water.

Click here to see our full lineup of Stand-Up Paddleboard Programs.

Please feel free to give us a shout at 403-288-9283 or info@aquabaticscalgary.com for any further questions on courses or to sign up.

Hope to see you on the water soon!


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