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Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak


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With graceful performance characteristics, enhanced embellishments, and world-class luxury appointments, the all-new 2019 Pungo delivers on its reputation and charts a new course for all sit-inside kayaks to come.

The renowned Pungo hull, through rigorous engineering and testing, has reassuring stability without sacrificing performance. Best-in-class speed makes the Pungo the easiest to paddle and most efficient kayak in its class.

The patented Phase 3 AirPro seating system featured on the Pungo is the core of what makes Wilderness Systems the worlds most comfortable kayaks.

The 2019 Pungo also has an upgraded dashboard which offers paddlers convenience and many options for customization. It features a removable drybox, two cup holders, SlideTrax to hold mounts for phones, fishing rods and other accessories, and two customizable mounting platforms. There is also a recess designed for the Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery (sold separately) which keeps your electronics charged on the go.

Through skillful engineering, the new Pungo features a size for everyone a 10.5 foot model is a compact package designed to fit a variety of paddlers, a 12 foot model accommodates small and medium sized paddlers, and a 12.5 foot model for a large fit.

Length: 10' 6" / 320 cm Width: 30" / 76 cm
Boat Weight: 47 lbs. / 21 kg Cockpit Length: 51" / 129 cm
Cockpit Width: 22" / 26 cm
  • Rigid Carry Handles: Rigid carry handles make carrying more comfortable.
  • Configurable Deck Bungee: Versatile bungee deck rigging can be adjusted by paddler to store gear of different sizes.
  • Pungo Dashboard: Features a removable drybox for storage, 2 cupholders for your favorite beverages and a recess designed for the Wilderness Systems battery to keep electronics charged. Customize and easily add accessories with Slidetrax TM and open mounting surfaces.
  • Slidelock XL Footbrace System: Easily adjustable footbrace system for all size of paddlers.
  • Thigh Padding: Durable padding provides a place to rest your legs for all-day comfort.
  • Phase 3 AirPro Seat: A fully adjustable seat means a comfortable fit for paddlers of different sizes. Mesh fabric covers honeycomb-vented, ergonomic 3D foam allowing for greater airflow to keep you cool while supporting the lower back.
  • Rear Deck Rigging: Store extra gear or your water bottle with the bungee cord rigging.
  • Orbix Stern Hatch: Room to keep plenty of gear and valuables safe and dry in the stern of your boat.

    Wilderness Systems Pungo 105
    Wilderness Systems Pungo 105
    Wilderness Systems Pungo 105 Kayak
    Wilderness Systems Pungo 105
    Wilderness Systems Pungo 105
    Wilderness Systems Pungo 105
    Wilderness Systems Pungo 105
    Wilderness Systems Pungo 105