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badfish monarch VS Flyweight:

Ultimate Stability or Lightweight Adventure?

Video: Mike Harvey

Are you in the market for a new paddleboard? Whether you're a beginner looking for stability or a seasoned traveler in need of a lightweight companion, we've got you covered!

Mike Harvey, co-founder and owner of Badfish SUP, joined us to share some of his favorite features from two of their standout models: the Badfish Monarch and Flyweight.

badfish monarch

ultimate stability

Let's start with the Monarch. This board is designed to be your go-to for all types of paddling adventures. It's 11 feet long, 34 inches wide, and five inches thick, offering a stable platform that's perfect for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike. Whether you're cruising on flat water or exploring easy rivers, the Monarch delivers exceptional stability and maneuverability. It's a board that grows with you, making it an excellent choice as your skills progress.

badfish flyweight

lightweight adventure

Now, let's talk about the Flyweight. This board is all about lightweight performance and versatility. Using innovative air-light drop stitch technology, they have managed to make the Flyweight 30% lighter than traditional boards, weighing in at under 20 pounds. This makes it incredibly easy to handle and transport. The pliable material allows it to roll up compactly, fitting snugly into its backpack for hassle-free travel. Whether you're hiking into a remote lake or packing it for a flight, the Flyweight ensures you stay under the weight limit while still enjoying top-tier paddleboarding performance.

are you ready to hit the water?

We are! Both the Monarch and the Flyweight come as complete packages, ready to hit the water straight out of the box. Each package includes a three-piece paddle, a hand pump for quick inflation, a backpack for convenient carrying, a board bag for protection, an ankle leash for safety, fins for stability, and a repair kit for peace of mind. These comprehensive packages ensure that whether you choose the Monarch for stability or the Flyweight for lightweight adventure, you'll have everything you need to get started right away!

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