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First Thoughts: NRS Zander PFD Review

Video: Simon Coward

Simon here from AQ Outdoors, and I'm excited to share my initial thoughts on the Zander Orbit Fit PFD from NRS.

For 2024, NRS is shaking up the world of kayak angling with the release of their latest innovation, the Zander Orbit Fit Kayak Angling PFD. Drawing inspiration from the beloved Raku model, this new PFD boasts a front zip construction that's familiar yet packed with great new features.

A Game Changer: The Orbit Fit System

The standout feature of the Zander PFD is undoubtedly the Orbit Fit System. This innovative technology utilizes layered foam construction to provide unparalleled comfort and fit right off the shelf. No more struggling with awkward adjustments or feeling restricted while on the water—the Zander PFD contours to your body for a truly personalized fit.

Comfort Beyond Compare

While I haven't had the chance to paddle with the Zander PFD just yet, I can already attest to its exceptional comfort. Simply wearing it around the shop or sitting at my desk, I can feel the difference. The low profile foam construction in the back ensures compatibility with high back seats, while the generous range of motion under the arms means you'll hardly notice you're wearing a PFD at all.

Feature-Rich Design

NRS hasn't skimped on features with the Zander PFD. Fans of the Raku will be pleased to find familiar elements, such as the spacious clamshell pockets for storage and the convenient magnetic plier port. Additionally, the PFD offers ample adjustability to ensure a snug and secure fit, enhancing both comfort and safety on the water.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Zander Orbit Fit Kayak Angling PFD is shaping up to be a game-changer in the world of kayak fishing. With its innovative design, unmatched comfort, and thoughtful features, it's clear that NRS has once again raised the bar. I can't wait to hit the water and put the Zander PFD to the test, but based on my initial impressions, I have no doubt it will exceed expectations.