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first look: NRS slipstream Rafts

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The NRS Slipstream series offers anglers a versatile range of whitewater-capable watercraft designed to handle a full spectrum of conditions. Whether embarking on a day trip or a multi-day expedition, solo missions or with a crew, Slipstream rafts are crafted for adventure anglers and guides seeking to explore remote waters.

The Slipstream Lineup: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Slipstream 142: Big Water Mastery

The largest of the series, the Slipstream 142 is ideal for outfitters, guides, or private boaters taking on big water rivers or multi-day expeditions. With ample onboard space for anglers, it's the ultimate vessel for tackling challenging waters.

Slipstream 129: All-Water Versatility

The Slipstream 129 is the ultimate one-boat quiver, offering anglers versatility across all water types in a compact size. Designed to handle multi-day adventures with ease, it's perfect for anglers who demand versatility without sacrificing performance.

Slipstream 106: Remote Accessibility

For anglers craving remote shallow water access and easy transport, the Slipstream 106 is purpose-built to go anywhere without the need for a trailer. Its high-volume tubes and drop-stitch floor construction allow anglers to navigate riffles and low-water areas effortlessly.

Rugged Design for Reliable Performance

Engineered to meet whitewater standards, Slipstream rafts feature welded seams and tough PVC materials in their tube construction, ensuring durability in challenging conditions. Bottom and top wear patches increase longevity, while three main air chambers and a drop-stitch floor insert provide safety and flotation.

Angler-Centric Features for Enhanced Experience

From fully rigged fly rod storage to molded thigh hooks for stability while casting, the Slipstream series is designed by anglers, for anglers. Cup holders within thigh hooks provide additional storage, while strategically placed handles and D-rings offer plenty of attachment points for gear.

Comfort and Convenience on the Water

All Slipstream rafts feature weather-resistant folding Tempus Angler Swivel Seats, providing long-lasting comfort for anglers on the water. The high-density foam padding and swivel seat base ensure anglers can fish comfortably for extended periods.

Ready-to-Go Rowers Package

For anglers seeking added performance, the optional Rowers Package includes essential accessories like a tornado anchor, advantage ore shafts, helix blades, and more. From big water performance to go-anywhere versatility, the Slipstream Series sets the standard for adventure anglers seeking off-the-beaten-path waters.

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