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first look: NRS Approach Rafts

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When it comes to micro crafts for fishing adventures, the new NRS Approach stands out for its combination of increased durability and innovative design features.

Available in two sizes, these lightweight rafts can be easily transported on SUV roofs or in truck beds, eliminating the need for a trailer. The Approach 120 accommodates two anglers in a 12-foot raft, while the Approach 100 offers a solo-person option in a 10-foot raft. Both come with the option of a rower's package sized to match with everything anglers need to hit the water.

Let's delve into what makes this watercraft a game-changer for adventure anglers.

Enhanced Durability and User Experience

The NRS Approach boasts increased durability thanks to bottom and topware patches, along with high-quality leaf field C seven inflation valves. These features not only enhance the longevity of the raft but also contribute to a smoother and more reliable user experience on the water.

Innovative Organization and Storage Solutions

One of the key distinguishing factors of the NRS Approach is its innovative approach to organization and storage. Unlike traditional fishing watercraft where gear often ends up scattered on the floor, the Approach takes a more strategic approach. It features innovative dry box seat platforms feature convenient external trays and internal waterproof storage compartments. These trays are great for providing quick access to gear that you may want on hand, but also dry.

Integrated Rod Holders for Convenience

Another standout feature of the NRS Approach is its integrated rod holders. Recognizing that adventure anglers typically don't launch with just one rod, NRS has created a solution to safely store and protect fully rigged fly rods. The smooth powder coated finish prevents rods from scratching and the loop secures them into place. The rod holders are included in the standard approach package.

NRS Slot Rail System for Flexibility

Building upon its legacy of customizable frames, the NRS Approach introduces the innovative NRS slot rail system. This system allows users to easily adjust the placement of the dry box seat, mounts, and foot bar according to their preferences. The flexibility offered by the slot rail system ensures that each rower can create their ideal setup, optimizing weight distribution for balance and comfort based on individual carry loads. Moreover, the system is compatible with standard YakAttack and Scotty Fishing accessories, enhancing its versatility.

Adjustable Features for Optimal Performance

Adjustable full-size oar mounts and a rower's foot bar provide anglers with better rowing performance and leverage for power strokes. These features can be conveniently adjusted along the slot rail system to accommodate rowers of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable and efficient rowing experience.

Motor Mount for Added Convenience

For anglers looking to cover more distance or navigate challenging conditions, the integrated motor mount offers added convenience. Compatible with motors up to three horsepower and 40 pounds in weight, this feature allows anglers to combat strong headwinds or push through slack water with ease.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort

To ensure that anglers and rowers stay comfortable during extended outings, the NRS Approach incorporates ergonomic design elements. The folding row seat and angler seat, attached to the dry boxes, feature marine-grade high compression foam padding. This padding reduces fatigue and discomfort, allowing anglers to stay on the water from sunup to sundown without issue.

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