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pyranha reactr: a new era of whitewater kayaks?

The brand-new Pyranha ReactR will be hitting our shelves next month and we’re really excited about it. Why? Well, as Pyranha has surmised, we’re seeing a major shift in creekboat/river runner design and we are (un)officially entering a new era of whitewater kayaks.

We’ve gathered all the information we have so far on the ReactR, from the new outfitting, its tech specs, its revolutionary hull design and more, and put it in one place. Check out the key features below and, as always, reach out if you have any questions. We are expecting our first delivery of these boats in May 2024.

Key Features Summary

  • The ReactR hull is optimized for flat direction changes without catching the tail.
  • The "Pivot Hull Philosophy" empowers paddlers to control the boat's direction at any speed.
  • ReactR's tail design ensures stability downstream while enabling quick direction changes without losing momentum.
  • An innovative rocker profile relieves sidewall pressure, facilitating last-minute adjustments and precise carving.
  • The bow profile enhances water entry, lift, and maneuverability, allowing smooth navigation through cross currents.
  • ReactR's hull glides efficiently through features, maintains upstream speed in ferries, and facilitates quick exits during boofs.
  • The dynamic bow channels flow for increased speed and optimal planing.
  • Pyranha's redesigned Elite outfitting system complements the ReactR's progressive hull design, offering optimal control.

pivot hull Design

The ReactR brings next-level stability and control to the table, whether you're nailing drops or gliding over features. The pivot hull design puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to tweak the boat's pitch on the fly for quick turns and pinpoint maneuvering in any situation.

Here is what Pyranha had to say:
"We’ve spent significant time developing an entirely new style of hull, with a perfectly positioned pivot point and two planing surfaces, one in front and another behind, which the paddler can switch between with ease. This means the boat is stable both when landing a drop on the bow and when planing out of features on the tail. You want that skip, and we’ve delivered.

The pivot point position, where the front and back rockers converge, allows you to de-weight the bow and swing it around or up over features. With your weight forward, you can feel the glide and control from the front of the boat.
We have utilised our new pivot hull philosophy to allow the paddler to choose the kayak’s pitch in real time. This allows you to release the bow and gain ultimate mobility, but all without that tail getting bogged down or going underwater."

new "elite" oufitting

After listening to customer feedback over the past couple of years, Pyranha went back to the drawing board with their outfitting redesign. The new Elite outfitting system has some industry-leading features like carry pads built into the internal rim of the cockpit, easy access stern storage, and a backrest adjustment that features high-grade aluminium racing cleats with an internal pulley to redirect the direction of pull towards the paddler. Learn about all the features in their in-depth video breakdown.

Enhanced Adjustability

  • The ReactR introduces adjustable thigh grips with two-way adjustment, accommodating various leg angles for a personalized fit.
  • Thigh grips can be adjusted forwards or backwards for customized grip angle, providing responsive and precise fit.
  • Oversized pads extend over knees and move with thigh grips for added comfort and control.

Improved Backrest Adjustment

  • High-grade aluminum racing cleats and internal pulley system enable snug backrest adjustment, conforming to body shape for enhanced comfort.
  • Two-to-one mechanical advantage facilitates easy fitting, ensuring comfort and control during paddling.

Customizable Seat Configuration

  • Foam shims and flexible adjustment options allow for personalized seat configuration, ensuring optimal comfort and support.
  • Wider backrest and new seat liner padding enhance comfort, while shallower backrest crest allows for better placement and adjustment.

Easy Access and Storage

  • Lower back edge on seat and detachable backrest facilitate easy access to stern for gear storage.
  • Essential features such as adjustable bulkheads, footrests, airbags, lash points, quick release, throw line, attachment points, and bottle holders provide convenience.

Comfortable Carrying

  • Added depth in cockpit rim and shoulder and hip pads enhance comfort during carrying.
  • Improved support on shoulders and hips makes long portages more comfortable and manageable.

the tech specs

Medium Specs:

  • LENGTH: 273 cm / 8’ 11”
  • WIDTH: 70 cm / 27.5”
  • COCKPIT LENGTH: 91 cm / 35”
  • COCKPIT WIDTH: 52 cm / 20.5”
  • COCKPIT CIRCUMFERENCE: 230 cm / 90.5”
  • WEIGHT: 23 kg / 51lb
  • PADDLER WEIGHT RANGE: 70 to 95kg / 155 to 210lb

Large Specs:

  • LENGTH: 276 cm / 9’
  • WIDTH: 71 cm / 28”
  • COCKPIT LENGTH: 91.5 cm / 36”
  • COCKPIT WIDTH: 53 cm / 21”
  • PADDLER WEIGHT RANGE: 85 to 125kg / 185 to 275lb

how to order

To reserve yours, please give our Calgary store a call on (403) 288-9283 or email us at We are expecting our first shipment of the Pyranha ReactR in late May 2024.