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First Thoughts: NRS NINja pfd review

Simon here from AQ Outdoors, today I've got a quick review for you on the latest gear to hit the water: the 2024 NRS Ninja Orbit Fit PFD.

A Departure in Design

The 2024 Ninja Orbit Fit marks a significant departure from its predecessor in both design and build. The standout feature here is NRS's innovative Orbit Fit platform, revolutionizing the way PFDs fit and feel. The Orbit Fit employs a unique layering system with foam to provide a pre-contoured fit straight off the coat hanger. Slip it on, and you'll immediately notice the comfort—it's like slipping into a well-worn PFD that's molded to your body.

Lightweight and Comfortable

One of the first things you'll notice about the Ninja Orbit Fit is its featherlight feel. It's so comfortable, you might forget you're wearing a PFD at all—a welcome relief for long days on the water.

Features and Functionality

Like its predecessor, the Ninja Orbit Fit is tailored for freestyle river running and recreational paddling. While it's not a rescue PFD, it's packed with features to enhance your paddling experience.

Enhanced Storage and Easy Wear

The Ninja Orbit Fit retains the beloved storage pocket of its predecessor, now even larger for added convenience. Its side-entry design with adjustable straps makes it easy to put on, whether you opt for the buckles or prefer to slide it over your head. Available in three sizes, small/medium, medium/large, and large/extra-large. With lots of adjustability, you can fine-tune the fit to accommodate different layers and gear.

New Additions

NRS hasn't stopped at just a revamped fit. The Ninja Orbit Fit features a new knife pocket designed to complement their latest knife offering. Plus, with the traditional knife patch relocated lower down, you'll enjoy added safety without the risk of bumping into it.

On-Water Performance

Despite not being able to test it in frozen Alberta, I managed to take the Ninja Orbit Fit for a spin in Australia. From slalom boats to recreational kayaks, it delivered on comfort and range of motion, though it might not be the top choice for high-backed seats.

Cold Weather Comfort

Just like its predecessor, the Ninja Orbit Fit boasts cozy fleece hand warmers to keep you warm on chilly days—a thoughtful addition for those early morning paddles.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it—a quick update on the 2024 NRS Ninja Orbit Fit PFD. With its new innovative design, enhanced comfort, and thoughtful features, it's sure to stir excitement in the paddling community.