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First Thoughts: NRS Ambient PFD Review

Video: Simon Coward

Simon here from AQ Outdoors, and I'm excited to unveil a great addition to our 2024 recreational PFD lineup: the Ambient Orbit Fit PFD from NRS.

Crafted with both recreational paddlers and newcomers to whitewater in mind, this PFD features a straightforward front zip construction designed for ease of use. However, what truly sets it apart is the innovative Orbit Fit system. Imagine a layered foam that effortlessly conforms to your body from the moment you try it on—a tailored fit right off the shelf.

Comfort and Fit: A Firsthand Look

Now, in the interest of full transparency, I haven't had the opportunity to test this PFD on the water just yet. However, I can attest to its exceptional comfort from my time spent wearing it around our shop. The moment it came off the hanger, the difference was palpable.

Key Features to note

The NRS Ambient Orbit Fit PFD offers convenient expandable pockets at the front for storing essentials. Additionally, adjustable shoulder straps and side adjustment straps ensure a customized, secure fit. And with ample space under the arms, you can paddle without worry of discomfort—no trial run necessary to confirm that.

Potential Considerations

Turning to potential drawbacks, one aspect worth noting is the position of the shoulder buckle. While padded for comfort, its placement may feel slightly awkward when interfacing with your cockpit rim.

Final Assessment: A PFD Worth Considering

In conclusion, based on my firsthand experience and observations, the NRS Ambient Orbit Fit PFD presents itself as a promising choice for recreational paddlers. Its comfort, lightweight design, and thoughtful features position it as a standout option for paddlers of varying skill levels.