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4 easy Steps

How to Dial in Your Jackson Kayak Outfitting

Video: Rob Yager

So, you’ve got yourself a Jackson kayak—whether it’s fresh from the shop or a cherished hand-me-down, it’s an exciting addition. But if it doesn’t feel quite right yet, don’t worry! The secret to a perfect paddle lies in the outfitting. We invited Rob from Jackson Kayak to share his favorite tips and tricks for getting that perfect fit. We broke it down into 4 easy steps: your back band, hip braces, uni shock bulkhead, and the bee’s knees– your thigh hooks. Let’s get into how you can tweak your Jackson outfitting for that just-right fit.

Step 1: The Back Band

First things first, let’s talk about the back band. Your back band is crucial for maintaining good paddling posture. Here’s how to get it just right:

  • Posture Check: Ensure you have good paddling posture—pelvis tipped forward, body upright.
  • Adjusting the Back Band: Cross your hands, grab the ropes, and pull them in as far as you can. Lean back to create friction in the cleats with the ropes. This ensures your back band stays secure and supportive.

Step 2: Hip Braces

Next up are the hip braces. Properly fitted hip braces provide stability and control.

  • Testing the Fit: Roll your boat up on its side. If there’s space between your hips and the hip pads, you might need extra foam.
  • Adjust as Needed: Add foam to fill any gaps, ensuring a snug but comfortable fit. This keeps you secure and enhances your maneuverability.

Step 3: Uni-Shock Bulkhead

The uni shock bulkhead is all about leg support and comfort. Here’s how to adjust it:

  • Leg Position: Sit in your kayak and bring your knees up into a frog-leg position.
  • Adjusting the Bulkhead: Grab the rope, pull the bulkhead into place, and then seat the rope down into the cleat. This secures your feet and legs, giving you better control.

Step 4: The Bee’s Knees– Thigh Hooks

Last but not least, we have the bee’s knees. This final step ensures your knees are properly positioned for optimal control.

  • Positioning: Bring either your left or right knee in, placing the bee’s knees where you like it.
  • Securing: Move your leg into place, adjusting the bee’s knees until it feels right. This step locks in your knee positioning, enhancing your overall stability.

Test and Tweak

Once you’ve made your initial adjustments, take your kayak out for a spin. Pay attention to any discomfort or control issues and tweak the outfitting as needed. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference.

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