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Dagger indra: everything we know so far

Closely after the launch of the Pyranha ReactR, comes the all new Dagger Indra - yet another progressive boat design that’s got us all talking. The Indra, with its tapered stern, veers away from similar creekboat designs on the market right now, by combining the playfulness of a half-slice with the stability of a creekboat.

We’re stoked to have our first batch of these ready and available for pickup in our Calgary store, with more on the way very shortly. Stay tuned, as we’ll be following up with our in-the-field review very shortly–but for now, take a deep dive into everything we know about this boat so far.

Key Features Summary

  • Comfortable knee positions similar to Dagger Creek Boats
  • Subtle peak in bow deck for efficient water shedding
  • Tapered bow shape for enhanced forward strokes
  • High bow and gradual rocker curve for improved control
  • Contour Ergo Outfitting System with engaged thigh braces
  • Outfitting tracks and step-out pillars for customization
  • Volume behind the hips for added support and balance
  • Two grab handles on stern deck for safety and rescue
  • Full-length carving rails for stability and agility
  • Progressive taper in tail for freedom of movement
  • Cambered stern profile for accelerating forward launch

Design: Where Comfort Meets Performance

If you're a fan of Dagger Creek Boats, you’ll be pleased to hear the Indra features the comfy, snug outfitting we all know and love. The Contour Ergo Outfitting System is here to make sure you're sitting comfortably, with high knee position and engaged thigh braces that'll keep you locked in tight.

The bow-deck features a subtle peak that's easily sheds water. So when you pop back up after a drop, you're staying as dry as possible. A high bow combined with gradual rocker curve keeps the bow dry and easy to redirect.

The full-length carving rails on the Indra engage precisely when the boat is on edge, but are lifted enough to keep the kayak loose and forgiving.

The Innovative Stern Design

The Stern is where the Indra gets exciting. You'll find a progressive taper in the tail, allowing for seamless movement and quick changes in direction whenever the situation calls for it. Plus, the cambered stern profile transforms even a weighted rear into a launching pad for swift acceleration forward. These features complement one another in a fun, balanced, and exciting design.

There is volume behind the hips, ensuring stability and support when you're riding the edge. And don't forget the two grab handles thoughtfully placed up front on the stern deck, ready to assist in any safety or rescue scenarios that may arise.

Volume behind the hips provides support and balance when you're on edge, and there are two grab handles forward on the stern deck, to equip the Indra for safety and rescue scenarios.

the tech specs

The Indra is available in colours: blue smoke, turquoise, and green smoke. In terms of sizing, it comes in two distinct sizes to fit a broad range of paddlers:

  • M/L
    • Length: 108 in - 274.32 cm
    • Height: 15 in - 38.1 cm
    • Width: 27.5 in - 69.85 cm
    • Weight: 53.5 lb - 24.27 kg
  • S/M
    • Length: 107 in - 271.78 cm
    • Height: 14 in - 35.56 cm
    • Width: 26.5 in - 67.31 cm
    • Weight: 51.5 lb - 23.36 kg

how to order

You can shop the Indra online here. If you can't find what you're looking for, please give our Calgary store a call on (403) 288-9283 or email us at to make sure you snag one before our next shipment.