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Kayaking with the Tsunami 140

The Wilderness Systems Tsunami is fast, versatile, smooth and efficient. Built to compliment a range of paddlers and styles, while still maintaining speed and efficiency, as it glides through the water. The Tsunami is available in four lengths; 12.5 feet, 14.0 feet, 14.5 feet and 16.5 feet.




The range of sizes available really change the game, by offering a kayak that will excel in a wide range of recreational and touring destinations. The hull is manufactured for durability, efficiency, stability and speed. With its well-defined keel to cut through the water and highly defined chines (ridges in the hull) providing great first and secondary stability.

The Tsunami offers great performance for stability and speed, however the highly defined chines (ridges in the hull) take away much of its carving performance. This limits the experienced paddlers from performing advanced turns and techniques. A great performance touring kayak is the Old Town Castine 140.



One thing we love about Wilderness Systems kayaks is their extremely comfortable seats. Their seats are fully adjustable on the water at three points; Incline of back rest, thigh rest and the height of back rest.

   back rest adjustment straps        back rest height adjustment    

Wilderness Systems boats all have the same seat, making your time out on the water more enjoyable and comfortable, extending your time on the water.

The seat back is interchangeable with high and low back styles, however if you choose to put a high back into the Tsunami 16.5, the cockpit is very small and hard for larger paddlers to fit into.


The Tsunami has a wicked amount of storage, giving you the ability to turn your one day into multi day trips. It has two sealed storage hatches, with two mesh storage sleeves that attach to the deck for proximity and use.

    back storage hatch    front storage hatch    mesh storage hatch   

Tips and Tricks: Because you cannot reach the two storage hatches on your own boat, pack your stuff into your buddy’s boat and have your buddy pack their stuff into your boat. Now you can paddle up to them and reach their hatch, with your stuff.

Come check one out for yourself. We have a great selection of boats and colours to fit your style, or take the opportunity to rent one for a couple days, and enjoy some fun in the sun.


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