Where to Kayak in the Edmonton Area - Lakes and Ponds

Where to Kayak in the Edmonton Area - Lakes and Ponds

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With Aquabatics / AQ Outdoors Edmonton being a new addition to the Edmonton paddling community, we wanted to compile a list of all the places that one can paddle in and around the Edmonton area.  Whether it be a quick jaunt after work, or a day trip with the family, our goal is to document as many of these as possible.


For when you ask yourself "where to kayak in Edmonton" we thought it would be best to compile a bullet point list here on the blog and then provide further information via links to our community driven paddling location website Paddlingmaps.com.  So, as you go through this list you can link out to that page which has driving directions (from where you are), location information, lake sizes and much more.

For reference we have included lakes and ponds up to 1.5 hours away from central Edmonton.  The list is by no means exhaustive, if you have some gem paddling spots we don't have listed we would love to see you add them on Paddlingmaps.com.

If the list below gets you excited to get out on the water, feel free to follow the links below for more information:

AQ Outdoors Edmonton Kayak & SUP Courses

AQ Outdoors Paddling Gear

If you're looking ahead to winter, check out Where to Snowshoe in and Around Edmonton.

Places to Kayak/SUP/Canoe in the Edmonton Area.

Where to paddle near edmonton


    Note:  The North Saskatchewan River (although not a lake), is an amazing paddling resource right in the city.  Follow this link for details on launch points from Devon all the way to the city




      Transport Canada Boating Guidelines

      And if you want to meet Transport Canada's boating guidelines (50 ft. of floating rope, bailing device, signaling device) be sure to check out the North Water 4 Bailer -- a throwbag, rope, whistle, and bailer all in one!

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      Well, that is a just a small list of places to enjoy paddlesports in and around the Edmonton area.  Samples of short, close to town jaunts all the way through to full day touring and kayak fishing outings.

      If you are looking to get more experience on the water we offer a full range of kayak and SUP instructional programs.  We also offer industry leading paddling gear to help get you out on the water in and around Edmonton.

      Feel free to contact us at either our Edmonton or Calgary locations for more information on product, rentals, courses or paddling information.

      For winter outdoor ideas, check out Where to Snowshoe in and Around Edmonton

      Edmonton:  (p) 780 463-4892 (e) info@aquabaticsedmonton.com
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