Inflatable Kayaks & SUPs - An ideal option for RV's and Camping Trips

Inflatable Kayaks & SUPs - An ideal option for RV's and Camping Trips

AQ Staff
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I just heard an ad on the radio which asked the question are you an RVer or are you RVish.  Those of you who are RVer’s I am sure know exactly what that means. It got me thinking about the many conversations we have had with customers about the best way to go kayaking/SUPing if travelling with a camper or RV.

Now, I must confess I don’t have an RV, nor a burning desire to own one.  I do however, own a tent trailer and am the father to 3 young kids (4, 7 and 9) who absolutely LOVE kayaking. The tent trailer is fantastic for this as we have racks on it and boats are easily loaded and unloaded at each destination.
Now an RV, that is a different story altogether!  Tall roofs, limited space to store traditional ‘hard shell’ kayaks make paddling on RV trips a bit more hassle than it is worth.  

Now, let’s face it, many of us, when searching for an ideal camping destination think waterfront.  Whether exercise, fishing, relaxation or adventure is your driver, getting out on those bodies of water can create some of the better memories from family trips away.

This is where Inflatable Kayaks and Stand Up Paddleboards can be a fantastic option.  These options pack down to a medium sized backpack size, are easy to store and transport and with a pump that attaches to your vehicle battery (optional item), they are a breeze to inflate/deflate.

Another thing with the inflatables now is long gone are the days of ‘pool toy’ style inflatables.  The quality and performance of the boats now are light years ahead of even a few years ago. Although there are still entry level models for truly recreational use, you can get models now with high pressure floors, kayak fishing mounts, adjustable and comfortable seats, capable for standing up in (for fishing) and much more.

In a nutshell, nowadays you don’t have to sacrifice the convenience of having an inflatable kayak for overall paddling performance.  

Paddling is an amazing way to explore and unwind on camping trips when you are near the water.  Some of my families fondest memories are time spent on the rivers and lakes of Alberta and British Columbia!

Check out the links below for some more insight and options for inflatable kayaks and accessories.  We offer free shipping on these to most parts of Canada!

Alternately if you are in Calgary or Edmonton swing by our retail stores to say hi and chat options for your next RV'ing adventure!

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