Leveling Up...

Leveling Up...

AQ Staff
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Written By Tim Shaw

Moving from one level of paddling to the next level can be really challenging. Here are 3 key tips to help you improve and level up.

Brandon showing the line

Number One - Time

Paddling is a sport that requires time. This has nothing to do with years paddled, but how frequently you get in your kayak. Whether you are touring on the lake or ocean, or paddling white water. To improve, you need to be on the water in some form, two - three times a week. Quick everyone quit your jobs... haha you can but there are better ways. In short if you feel a little wobbly when you get into your kayak, then your not paddling frequent enough to improve.

Danny reaping the benefits of time in a boat 

Number Two - Flat Water/easy water

Flat and easy water is the place to really hone yours skills. Almost all of us have some form of flat water near where we live. I joke that I learnt to Boof and paddle class four on a pond. I did! The river was 2 hours away, my two to three times a week of paddling was made up mostly of one hour pond sessions!

By working on boat control and moves on flat water, you will feel familiar to the boat every time you get in. Thus making the most of valuable river time. When on the river, don't just float down the 'easy stuff' what ever easy might be for you. Use it, make it as hard as you can. Paddle up it, catch eddy's, come up with eddy challenges with your friends. Choose challenges that may even seem silly.

Using that easy water to practice 

Number Three - Mentorship

This is rather self explanatory. Paddle if you can with people better than you. Take courses and paddle between them practicing what you have learnt. 

Anne showing and explaining the lines


Go out there and paddle to your hearts content. Check out all of our videos at the link below for inspiration on things to paddle and work on.

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