The Aquabatics Fishing Team, an Update.

The Aquabatics Fishing Team, an Update.

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Regardless of all that is going on in society, 2020 has been a stellar year for kayak and SUP fishing in Alberta. With Covid pushing more anglers off shore and into Kayaks then ever before. Why? I’m not one hundred percent sure but, I have a feeling it has to do with lack of anything else to do, coupled with the solo nature of kayak fishing, makes it a pastime that was Covid friendly before Covid was a thing.


Gorgeous views on Battle Lake.

The Aquabatics Kayak Fishing team is made up of a few members, three die hard kayak fishing ambassadors, one stellar SUP ambassador, and our staffer up in YEG, Andy. We make a well-rounded fishing crew, spread throughout the province.

It definitely was an interesting year. Our in-person tournaments, which were going to have nine of throughout western Canada, were cancelled. The tournament organizers scrambled and, as always, produced an epic season-long online photo tournament at the last minute in lieu of the in-person tournaments for this year. The Freshwater Summer Slam Series – Online Kayak Derby ran from June until September 15th of this year.  I’m not one to brag but we had three team members place in the top ten this year, Andy our staffer was, the first loser, as they like to tease, in 6th place.  Ahead of him by a decent margin in 5th was Aquabatics and Old Town ambassador Chris F, and in the money at 3rd was Aquabatics and Jackson Adventures Ambassador Trevor T. Honorable mention to Terran, both Aquabatics and Wilderness systems ambassador, who snagged17th.

Other awesome notables are Lisa and her adventures. Lisa, one of our stellar anglers and SUP ambassadors, went on an epic trip right here in Alberta. Solo style, on one of our most secluded and inaccessible stretches of river in the province, the Athabasca, it looks like she had a blast.  We are super stoked for her and her accomplishments on the river! Please read more on it here.


Lisa trying to fill some walleye tags 

While were talking epic, we cannot leave out Terran who made the trek yet again to represent at Mouchta Bay non fishing derby (Covid) This year angling for the formidable and powerful chinook salmon and numerous tasty species of Rockfish, from what the pictures tell me is was a smashing success. Terran is a force to be reckoned with on the water. 


Terran with a beauty 22lb chinook salmon

Trevor T had spent a lot of his time in the Smoky Lake area, wherein lie some of his most favorite spots. A few trips west help pad his numbers in the aforementioned tournament. He also landed a Tiger Trout  that would make the most seasoned angler jealous. He's an energetic part of the community in the Edmonton area and his passion for the sport is amazing and his angling prowess has noticeably improved this past season.


Trevor finally joining the over 20inch Tiger club!

Lastly, I wanted to touch on Chris F, an avid all around angler and humble kayak fisherman, he canoes, kayaks, fly fishes and spin fishes. If it involves fish, he is on it, year round. He has been a staple in the kayak fishing community, and he consistently posts beautiful fish, all while keeping one of the best fishing and kayak fishing blogs in Alberta that I've read. (check it out here). He has put some miles on the truck this year, joining Trevor out west on a few occasions and heading out to one of his, (and mine for that matter) honey holes a few times.   We're stoked he placed 5th  in the tournament and looking forward to what Chris will bring to the community in the future.


Sorry Boss, cant make it in, arms stuck in a cast, great form Chris

It was a great overall season with our Ambassadors and myself getting up to all sorts of crazy fishing adventures and kayak shenanigans throughout the province and beyond. You can check in on some of them here. Lots of fish caught with well over 1500 inches of fish brought boat side.


Andy with a nice sized pike

What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."

- John Steinbeck

Andy, Manager YEG 

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