Fall Kayak Fishing - Terran Bernhard

Fall Kayak Fishing - Terran Bernhard

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Fall Kayak Fishing - Terran bernhard

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are falling, the weather is getting colder and the fish are in the shallows, feeding before the big freeze. Fall can be one of the best and most underutilized times of the year to fish. The weather can be a bit chilly at times but the fishing is worth it! Less boats are on the water, making it that much more peaceful.

In Alberta, fall brings many exciting fishing opportunities. Trout can get very colourful in the fall and are usually more aggressive. Walleye and pike are shallow as well and have put on some serious weight since the spring. Kayak fishing is the most effective way to target these shallow fish. Stealth is key and the kayak is king when it comes to this. Slowly creeping up on an unsuspecting fish would not be possible with many of the other fishing vessels out there. Additionally, fishing kayaks are stable enough to stand in, and this significantly helps in spotting shallow fish to make the perfect cast. 

Along with the great fishing, fall brings some of the most picturesque moments of the year. Beautiful fall sunrises (that you can actually wake up in time to see) and multi-coloured forests make it worth the chillier temperatures. Make sure to get out and enjoy the open water while it lasts. Soon it will be winter and we’ll be dreaming of spring!


Good luck out there!

Terran Bernhard

Aquabatics Ambassador

Wilderness Systems Pro-Staff

Instagram @ saskkayakangler

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