A Paddler - 20 Questions with Aquabatics Ambassador Trevor Thompson!!

 I would like the community to meet Trevor T.  You may have met him at some kayak fishing derbies on the Western Canadian Trail or ran into him on a local lake. This coming season Aquabatics is stoked to have him on board with the Aquabatics Ambassador Team!!  Hes a die hard kayak angle,  and paddles an awesome red white and blue Jackson kayak more often then not with a beautiful pupper hanging out waiting for his dad to finally land a fish.  He’s a all-around nice guy and passionate about the sport of kayak fishing and the community surrounding it. He's always down to fish or just chat about our sport.  Throw those jazz hands way up on the air and meet Trevor Thomson.

Trevor Hooking into some lake trout at Cold Lake, AB 

Kayak angler 20 questions

Who the heck are yeah?

I am a 37year old Alberta citizen from day 1. Machinist by trade and outdoor recreational enthusiast at heart!

Where yeah from?

Born and raised in Sherwood Park, Alberta


What are you looking forward to this upcoming season as an Aquabatics Ambassador?

For whatever reason, I’m having a hard time answering this question………..I think it because I’m super stoked to be given this opportunity that I’m struggling putting it into words on paper.

To me, I have usually pictured an Ambassador as someone that promotes a product line of a trade name. But with Aquabatics, there is far from one brand, far from one product line. There is so many options of similar products available at Aquabatics that you are really able to expand your horizons above your own usual personal preferences.

Have you owned any other type of watercraft for fishing? 

Yes, I still own a small 12ft aluminum car topper fishing boat with a 7.4hp Evinrude outboard motor.

Why do you fish from a kayak when there’s so many other ways to get on the water?

The thrill, the peacefulness, the exercise, but mainly, the thrill and excitement of landing fish form a personal watercraft that is only you and the fish beneath you!

Do you remember what your first kayak was? colour?

Yup, cant forget it or miss it on the water, still have it, of course, Jackson Big Tuna, Patriot colour scheme, Red/White/Blue

HIs Big Tuna in all its Glory 

What's your go to kayak(s) now?  Colour? Why?

It’s a toss up between the Jackson BiteFD or the CoosaFD, colour…………probably a custom colour, thinking something along the lines of a patriot colour to our amazing country, Canada. Why?..................Because I want to be noticed on the water by the big power boats first and foremost, not looking to be on the news for the wrong reasons.

Where’s your favorite place to kayak fish, well one your comfortable sharing with the world anyway?

At the moment, Cold Lake, Alberta, it’s a spectacular fishery, amazingly clean lake and very accessible by all watercraft.

Trolling, casting, or jigging?


Spinning or baitcasting and why?

Spinning…………Don’t own a bait cast, and afraid of the rats nest horror stories! Lol

Look at Shilos grace and form such a beautiful pupper, (thats Trevor in the back in case you wanted to know) 

What’s your favorite lure?

I have two, Bucktail Jigs (1/3oz), and Len Thompson spoons, partial to the new dimple series myself, especially the 5 of Diamonds        

What’s your favorite live bait setup and why?

Not a huge live bait user, but when I do, its leeches on either a Pickerel rig for walleye or perch. Effective and usually gets a bite going when its slow.

 What's your favorite species of fish to catch and why?

I love to catch Perch, I think its mainly due to the open water challenge of targeting them and finding schools that’s so intriguing to me. When your on them, no matter what size, the fishing is always amazing!

 Now that is a weekend setup!  Trevor isn't the only paddler in his family!

What's your favorite fish to eat?

Not a huge fish eater to be honest, I’ll eat all species, but that’s not a priority to me. Just love to be out fishing.

If you could go kayak fishing with anyone in the world who would it be?

My Dad, he used to fish quite a bit as a child himself and really migrated away from it as he got older. He spends some time in a canoe, but think he would thoroughly enjoy the fishing experience once again out of a peddle drive kayak. Thats my goal, is to get him into one and fish again.

What’s your dream fish?

Nothing comes to mind to be honest, salt water fish would be very intriguing, but for me, being an Alberta citizen, so would a Large Mouth Bass. I just dream to be fishing period, not so much any species in particular.

Your First Burbot is always an awkward experience. 

If you were reincarnated as a fish, what species would it be any why?

Arctic Graying, there unique, like myself, protected as a species and are feisty. There is something spectacular and awwww inspiring about them that makes them so amazing.

Is there anything you would change about kayak fishing or would like to add?

Ya, I would make it more dominant fishing vessel out on the waters!  Everyone knows, I’m a Jackson Kayak Angling guy, but this opportunity, working with other ambassadors within Aquabatics, I’m predicting will really expand my knowledge depth on different products on the market, ie. Angling kayaks, gear, accessories, whitewater, and SUP.

I’m excited to have the support of the Aquabatics Team, and looking forward to spreading the great work of not only kayak angling, but kayaking in general with an industry leading flagship name of Aquabatics behind it all!

 No caption needed. 


Big Thanks to Trevor for getting some pics together and answering our questions. We look forward to this coming season with him and are excited to see his angling adventures. Hes a huge fount of kayak fishing knowledge and is happy to help with any kayak fishing questions you may have.  

 by Andy W, and Trevor T 


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