Werner Amigo Small Kayak Paddle


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Kids get a great performing paddle and parents trust our Bomber reliability. The Amigo features a small sized blade and shaft to fit kids better. They will be more comfortable, less tired and you will enjoy longer trips on the river.

Shaft Option Pieces Weight Grams Weight Ounces Length Range
Straight 1 Piece 1035g. 36.50oz. 150cm to 230cm in 1cm increments
Straight 2 Piece n/a n/a 150cm to 230cm in 1cm increments
  • Standard Performance gives you Werner's heritage for a better paddling paddle at introductory prices.
  • Small-sized river running blades are less tiring for kids and give them a performance design to make the moves they need. Designed for more efficient forward paddling.
  • The same Bomber shaft we use on Wern'ers top of the line paddles. Available in straight shaft, small diameter only.
  • Feather Angle: 1-piece options- unfeathered, Right hand control or left hand control, up to 90 degrees, in 5 degree increments. 2-piece R45/0/L45 or R30/L30.
    Werner Amigo Small Kayak Paddle-AQ-Outdoors
    Werner Amigo Small Kayak Paddle-AQ-Outdoors