SMC CRx 1" Pulley-AQ-Outdoors
SMC CRx 1" Pulley-AQ-Outdoors

SMC CRx 1" Pulley


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This is the lightweight rescue pulley you've been waiting for. The SMC CRx 1" Pulley is incredibly strong, yet weighs a mere 1.8 ounces.

    • Easier to carry in your life jacket pocket or swiftwater rescue kit than other, heavier pulleys.
    • The pulley works great in Z-drag 3-to-1 extraction systems, rated at an amazing 22kN (4,946 lbf) load strength.
    • High-strength aluminum sides keep it light while a stainless steel axle resists corrosion.
    • Also features a durable and smooth-running Delrin sheave.
    • Handles ropes up to 1/2" (13 mm) in diameter.
    • This pulley has the required prusik-minding capability for use in 3-to-1 mechanical advantage systems, making it easier to haul or lower heavy loads.
    Material: High Quality Aluminum
    Axle: Stainless steel
    Sheave: 30 mm Delrin
    Dimensions: 69 mm x 44 mm x 27 mm
    Weight: 1.8 oz (52 g)
    Pulley Strength: 22 kN = 2243 kg
    Max Rope Size: 0.5" (13 mm)