Scotty Ball Mount System with GearHead and Track


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The new Scotty Ball Mounting System with Gear-Head and Low Profile Track provides a mounting receptacle for a variety of Scotty post mount accessories

Track Dimensions: 1 3/4 inches wide x 3/8 inches tall x (1inch usable track)
Mount Height: Stands 9 inches tall
  • The Gear-Head's effortless drop and lock system allows the user to secure and re-position post mount accessories with just a twist
  • The Scotty No. 151 comes with Scotty's new No. 440 Low Profile Track that allows for quick and easy set up
  • The ball joint design of the Scotty No. 151 enables a smooth, full range of motion
  • Made from corrosion proof construction, this system provides a long service life in both fresh and salt water applications

(Rod Holders or Scotty Accessories not included)