NRS ClampIT Drink Holder-AQ-Outdoors
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder
NRS ClampIT Drink Holder

NRS ClampIT Drink Holder


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No more scrambling to put your drink in a safe spot during some unexpected maneuvering. The NRS ClampIT Drink Holder attaches securely to any crossbar and has a lid with a hook-and-loop closure.

  • The drink holder "coozie" is attached to the frame with the included innovative ClampIT Accessory Attachment, Item # 91062.01.
  • Slide the drink holder's plastic clip easily into the groove on the ClampIT for a secure place to store your favorite beverage.
  • The ClampIT snaps tight on our 1 5/8" diameter frame pipe and is easily removed with the flip of the lever.
  • Heavy-duty, insulated nylon coozie protects your drink while keeping it cool.
  • The insulated lid has a hook-and-loop tab that will keep your drink in place no matter how rough the water.
  • A mesh bottom allows liquid to drain out freely and makes cleaning a snap.

NRS ClampIt Drink Holder Review



Hey there, Simon here from AQ Outdoors checking in with a very quick review on the ClampIt drink holder from NRS.

We did a couple raft trips this year on the Kootenay and I'd never had one of these before. I'd always seen them in the shop but I'm a bit of a minimalist kind of guy and thought they were a bit overkill because I could just put my drink bottle in the bottom of the boat.

But then we did this trip with NRS and they gave us a couple, so I figured I'd give it a crack and then I was like, oh man, where have you been all my life?

Why Use the ClampIt Drink Holder?

When you're rowing the raft and there's a little bit going on and everything, it's often hard to find time to grab a quick drink of water or a pop or whatever it is.

And so I would find that I'd go the whole day and I wouldn't drink anything. Whereas with this guy, I can just clamp it wherever I want.

In this situation, it was right next to the seat. So I would just row and then I could just put an oar under my knee, grab a drink, and get moving again. So it was actually really nice and really handy – it’s a really simple little system. 

How to Mount the ClampIt Drink Holder

There's a little mount on the back of the cup, which is the clamp. This clamp can be used for other things like rod holders.

The clamp itself attaches onto NRS raft frames. So you can pop it on there, clamp it down, and then you just basically position it wherever you like on the raft.

So if you've got passengers up front, they can use it. If it's for the person rowing, you can put it there too.

Alternate Uses for the ClampIt

The other thing I found it really useful for was holding my cell phone in a waterproof case in a second ClampIt cup holder.

When I wanted to check out the GPS maps or anything along those lines, I just had my phone super handy and it didn't have to go in and out of my PFD pocket or in and out of a dry bag. So that was super handy.

NRS ClampIt Drink Holder Summary

So that's it for the NRS ClampIt Drink Holder. It’s a very simple little piece of kit. I would say for many years I thought that was stupid, but now I don't think they're stupid and I think they're really handy and really cool.

Thanks everyone for checking out the video. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to contact us or visit us in store.


Material: Heavy-duty insulated nylon
Weight: 6 oz
  • Drink Holder coozie
  • ClampIT Frame Accessory Attachment
  • Lid with hook-and-loop closure
  • Mesh bottom
  • Clamp to 1 5/8" pipe with the ClampIT Accessory Attachment

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