Karakoram PRIME Guide HB Binding
Karakoram PRIME Guide HB Binding

Karakoram PRIME Guide HB Binding


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Karakoram Guide HB Bindings are the lightest hardboot splitboard binding on the market. They fully integrate Karakoram's Active Joining and the Prime systems to ensure the most solid join in the board and for the best downhill ride. The Karakoram Guide HB Binding is fully compatible with the prime system so you can use them with existing prime interfaces or quiver connectors.

The Karakoram Guide HB Binding is ideal for splitboarders looking to explore the backcountry on an efficient and lightweight hardboot setup.

Please Note: This is binding only! It DOES NOT include the Ride Mode 2.0 or a touring mode.


Karakoram Prime Guide HB Bindings First Thoughts




Simon here from Splitboard HQ and I just got back from my first day out on the new Karakoram Guide HB (Hard Boots) splitboard bindings. 


First thing's first, I'm just using the Voile wires for heel risers and the Spark Tech toe pieces. These aren't part of the package.


My first thoughts were that Karakoram Guide HB’s were a really nice system. They did take a little longer for me to get set up last night than I anticipated, which could be largely user error. I think I didn't watch the video that comes in the packaging quite closely enough, so I did faff around with that a little bit.


But up on the mountain we were dealing with quite wet snow conditions, especially for Kananaskis. With a little bit of management they remained largely snow free. I did need to use a snow scraper a couple of times, but that's pretty par for the course at this time of year.


The binding mechanisms are easy to put on and easy to take off. I did have a failure on one of the toe bales where it actually came off my boot during a turn, but I think that that was because I misread the situation.


I thought that when I did the toe bale up, it was really tight, but I probably had ice underneath my boot. And so when that wiggled free, it actually kind of loosened everything up.


But overall, I'd give the Karakoram Guide HB Splitboard Bindings two thumbs up. Nice and light in the backpack, riding quality felt really good and so far so good from from use number one.

  • Hardboot specific downhill mode binding for splitboards
  • Lightest weight hardboot splitboard binding on the market
  • Integrates with Prime and Quiver Connector interfaces
  • DOES NOT include interface or touring mode

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