Boardworks Froth Shortboard-AQ-Outdoors
Boardworks Froth Shortboard-AQ-Outdoors
Boardworks Froth Shortboard-AQ-Outdoors
Boardworks Froth Shortboard-AQ-Outdoors
Boardworks Froth Shortboard
Boardworks Froth Shortboard

Boardworks Froth Shortboard


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The Boardworks Froth Shortboard was created for fun and versatility! These Froths can be used by beginners, rippers and wake surfers! The light, yet durable construction of the Boardworks Froth Shortboard makes it super user friendly for surfers of all abilities. The soft EVA outer skin, wraps a fully glassed, closed cell, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam core, keeping it light, water-tight, and promoting optimal performance for a soft top board!


AQ Outdoors Boardworks Froth Surfboard Review


I've been surfing this board for a couple of seasons now. It's essentially a soft top board which is ultra durable and, unlike a lot of soft top boards, you can actually put it on rail and really surf it. 


I'm about 165 pounds and a pretty average river surfer. I wouldn't say I'm anything special. The Boardworks Froth has been my crutch board for the last few years as I've been getting into it.


I've been an ocean surfer my whole life and this river surfing thing has been a little more challenging than I thought it would be.


Boardworks Froth Surfboard Overview and Performance


I've been riding it with just a typical thruster setup: three fin medium setup, super predictable. You can do nice turns on edge. Nice turns on rail. The beauty of it is that it's pretty wide.


For getting up, which is the area I struggle with the most with river surfing, I find it's a really nice stable platform. As far as getting on your feet goes, it's not a big log. If you’re learning, it's probably gonna be a little bit unstable.


But as you progress into being an intermediate with a semi-regular ability to stand up, this board is gonna be a fantastic option for just progressing to the next level – getting the board on edge, doing some turns on rail and moving toward a performance board in the future.


As far as downsides go, I can't think of too many. If you're a really advanced river surfer, you're gonna find this thing is not quite playful or loose enough.


If you're a real beginner, it's probably not gonna be buoyant and supportive enough. It likely won’t be quite enough volume to really nurture you through those early days of learning to stand up and learn how the board moves on the wave.


Other than that, the Boardworks Froth surfboard is super durable. You don't need much wax on it – it's pretty grippy overall.


Boardworks Froth Surfboard Summary


This is a fantastic intermediate river surfboard I can't say enough good things about in the context of river surfing.


I haven't used this as an ocean surfboard, so I can't really comment too much on it there, but I imagine it would have similar characteristics: a good intermediate board for small, medium size waves. If you have any questions about the Boardworks Froth surfboard, feel free to contact us or visit us in store!



Best River Surfboards | Complete Guide

Board 4'6 5'0 5'6
Width 19 1/2 21 1/2 21
Thickness 2 11/16 2 1/2 2 7/8
Volume 29L 30L 37L
Fin Set Futures G5 Thruster Futures G5 Thruster Futures G5 Thruster


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