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Roof Rails

Roof Bars

Roof bars for your vehicle not only sport up your ride, but also ensure safer transportation for your kayaks, canoes, bike, and much more. With so many variants and options for your vehicle it is important to know what bar would be perfect for you and installed correctly.


Picking your Bar

Roof Rail Styles

When suiting up your vehicle with roof bars you need to break it down into 4 decision points;

  1. What are you carrying/ using them for (example: kayak, canoe, storage box, bike, etc.)
  2. What type of vehicle are you putting theses bars on (Make? Model? and Year?)
  3. Permanent or temporary?
  4. What style?

There are two main styles for roof bars; Square bars or wing shaped bars.

Square Bars

Square bars are often the cheaper way to go. They are your basic rail that is used for accessories that have a clamping method to attach to the bars. Square bars do not hold as much weight and are not as aerodynamic when driving.

Wing Shaped Bars

Wing shaped bars are aerodynamic bars that are quiet to drive with. They use either a track system or clamping system to attach accessories, and have a greater capacity then the square bars. They are higher in price, but if you are looking to have a more permanent bar, a wing shaped bar is the ideal option for you.

Fitting Your Vehicle

Roof Rails

It is as simple as a few clicks! Give us a call and we can do it for you over the phone or with you in the store, in no time at all. All we need to know is your vehicle, make and model, and we can select an option right there with you.


Thule is a great permanent and durable solution for your vehicle. Their bars are light weight and extremely durable. Thule manufacturers custom parts to fit almost any vehicle, making it easy to get and suit you up with the perfect bars.


Rhino-Rack is another great permanent solution for your vehicle, that is more budget friendly. These bars are durable and light weight, and installed with a specialized fitting kit for your vehicle. Not as bomb proof as Thule bars, but still an excellent way to get you and your toys on the road for your next adventure.


Malone is budget friendly and a great temporary solution for a days adventuring. Theses bars are quick and easy to install and or remove, making it easy to throw it on and rip to the lake. However they are not as reliable as Thule or Rhino-Rack. These bars are designed to fit a variety of vehicles that are suited with rails on the roof or suction to the roof and strapped threw the vehicle its self. Because Malone bars only have one fitting kit, they may not fit all vehicles, and will not be as reliable.

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Give us a call, email, or visit us in-store at either our Calgary or Edmonton location, and we will help gear you up for your next adventure!

Suited up Vehicle with Bars and Accessories