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Hey, Tom here from AQ Outdoors. Today we're just gonna do a quick comparison video of our four top-selling dry suits.


What we're looking at is breaking it down by budget from lowest to highest, and some of the bells and whistles and features you may consider when deciding whether you want to spend that extra money. When it comes to a dry suit, they're all doing the same thing. They're designed to keep you dry and all these suits do a great job of that. So why would you spend more on a more expensive dry suit?

Generally, a more expensive dry suit is going to have a little bit better build quality often using higher-end materials that offer better breathability as well as warranty and after-product purchase support.


For our comparison, we've selected four of our bestselling dry suits going from lowest price to highest. We've got the Level Six Odin, the Immersion Research Devil's Club, the NRS Axiom and the Kokatat Icon dry suits.

Immersion Research Devls Club Drysuit

Next up, we have the IR or Immersion Research Devil's Club dry suit, this is a very unique dry suit. As the name suggests (Devils Club is a much-maligned hazard of bushwhacking when creeking in British Columbia, and destroys gear and skin!) this suit is built with industry-leading durability in mind.

IR has been producing dry suits for as long as I can remember and do a great job. They have amazing follow-up support and offer a no-fault repair warranty for one year. This offers the user free repairs for one year to support it being a maximum durability dry suit.

The one thing that you will sacrifice in the Devils Club like the Odin is breathability. The Devil's Club is a great choice for people who are hard on their gear. If you're out there bushwhacking and doing hard portages, this is probably the dry suit for you. However, if a little less durability and more breathability is your style a drysuit utilizing the goretex membrane offering better breathability might be a better option.


Next up we have the NRS Axiom dry suit, this is our lowest price point Gore-Tex dry suit. So why spend the extra money on a Gore-Tex drysuit? Well, as we've suggested, Gore-Tex is not om;y super waterproof but a more breathable material than the previous 2 suits have. If you're doing hard days with heavy output, it's more likely to breathe moisture out through the material so that it doesn't get clammy and wet from the inside.

Another great thing about the NRS Axiom Gore-Tex dry suit is the Gore-Tex warranty, Gore-Tex provides a lifetime warranty against leaks through their fabric. It's amazing peace of mind when you're purchasing such an expensive and key piece of equipment. I've personally used the Goretex warranty and they provided me with a brand new dry suit. So I can vouch for the simplicity and reliability of the process. Lastly, when you're getting into a Gore-Tex dry suit NRS offers the lowest price point and a great option to get started.


Lastly, we have the Kokatat icon Dry Suit. Kokatat has been building Gore-Tex dry suits longer than anybody and it shows their craftsmanship and quality. The suits are hand-built in California and each suit is tested before it leaves the factory, so you know you're getting a proven dry suit every time right off the shelf.

One of the best parts about Kokatat is their after-purchase support, they can also customize your dry suit by adding features or changing in-seam lengths. They'll also do water testing and patching at a reasonable price for the life of the suit. I've been able to keep Kokatat dry suits alive for over 20 years with just a little bit of ongoing maintenance combined with a bi-annual utilization of the maintenance services they provide. I like Kokatat dry suit because of that, and I think that is in large part why they're worth the extra money.

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