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ReactR vs. Indra: The Ultimate Whitewater "Quarter Slice" Kayak Face-Off

Hey there, Simon here from AQ Outdoors and I'm excited to share my first thoughts on the new Pyranha ReactR and Dagger Indra Kayaks. As a long-time enthusiast of whitewater kayaking, I'm always eager to try out new boats and share my experiences.

Pyranha Reactr First Thoughts

I've had the opportunity to paddle the ReactR in both flat water and small whitewater rapids, and my initial thoughts are that it's a unique and dynamic boat. The new outfitting system from Pyranha is a major improvement, and I think they've done a great job of bridging the gap with Dagger's outfitting.

Reactr: Flat Water Performance

In flat water, the ReactR feels super loose, pivoting quickly under the seat. This may be challenging for newer paddlers, but for more advanced paddlers, it's a lot of fun. The bow rocker of the ReactR allows it to skip up and over small waves and features, making it a great choice for smaller whitewater rapids.

reactr: Whitewater Performance

In whitewater, the ReactR is dynamic and responsive, with a distinctly non-Pyranha feeling stern that's softer and more forgiving. The bow draws are quick and easy to execute, and the boat accelerates quickly out of turns. The one thing I noticed is that the boat tends to spin out and wash out in eddy turns or calve turns, which may be a challenge for some paddlers.

Dagger Indra First Thoughts

I've had the chance to paddle both sizes of the Indra, and my initial thoughts are that it's a fantastic boat. The new thigh hooks are a huge win, providing more control and engagement with the boat. The outfitting is top-notch, and I think Dagger has done a great job of refining their design.

indra: Whitewater Performance

In bigger whitewater rapids, the Indra is incredibly responsive and fun to paddle. It's able to pull the bow up and over large foamy features with ease, and I was impressed by its ability to ride up and over big holes in waves. The boat tends to want to stay on edge, which makes it well-suited for paddlers who enjoy carving turns.

making the choice

Overall, I'm really excited about both boats and think they're going to bring a lot of fun to the whitewater community. The Reactr is a great choice for smaller whitewater rapids, while the Indra is better suited for bigger water. I'll be sure to check back in with more thoughts and feedback as I continue to paddle these boats.

We have more Dagger Indras and Pyranha ReactRs arriving later this month, so please get in touch with us to reserve yours.