Hey there, Simon here from AQ Outdoors, bringing you another quick (and crucial) safety tutorial as part of our River Safety Series. Today, we'll dive into the essentials of self-rescue when you're out on the water doing any type of kayaking.

The Inevitability Of Swimming

When you first start kayaking on whitewater, there's a good chance you're going to spend some time swimming out of your boat. One of the things we try and teach all of our beginners is how to get yourself and your gear to shore safely on your own. You may not have people who are capable of rescuing you, or you just want to be super self-directed.

getting the boat to shore

The goal here is to get yourself - and your gear - to shore as quickly and as neatly as possible, so you spend a minimal amount of time in the water and exposed to hazards.

1. Quick Wet Exit

The first step is a swift wet exit. In a controlled manner, exit the kayak, ensuring you're free from any entanglements.

2. Flip and Upright

Execute a quick flip of your kayak and ensure it's upright. Jam the paddle on the inside to maintain control and stability.

3. Point Towards Shore

With your boat now upright, push the kayak towards the shore or the desired eddy. The key is to stay in control and maintain direction.

4. Utilize the Eddy

Guide yourself into the eddy, taking advantage of the calm water. This strategic move sets the stage for a safer and more controlled self-rescue.

Independence and Efficiency

This method empowers you to be self-reliant in your rescue efforts. Even in the presence of external rescuers, mastering the mock Eddie turn ensures a quicker and more efficient resolution to the situation.


And there you have it – a simple yet effective way to rescue yourself and your gear. Whether you're a beginner seeking self-reliance or a seasoned paddler optimizing rescue operations, this handy self-rescue technique is a skill worth mastering.

Thanks a ton for tuning in! If you have any comments, tips, or burning questions, drop them in the comment section below. Don't forget to hit subscribe if you found the video helpful. For more exciting adventures and insights, check us out at AQ Outdoors. Stay safe on the water, and until next time, happy paddling!

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