We're Always Learning... - Kim Kenyon

We're Always Learning... - Kim Kenyon

AQ Staff
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We’re always learning…

You saw the opportunity online, or heard the recommendation from a friend. It looked like a fun time, I mean why not learn something new, and challenge your own skill set. 

Thoughts of previous experiences filled your head. You try to relate that family canoeing trip, or the summer camping trip when you stood up on your inflatable lobster. Swimming lessons, yeah, you know you can swim. What about that kayaking course from a couple years ago; it wasn’t quite for you. You assure yourself this will be different and fun.

You started your day, well the day before. You wander around the house with your list in hand or in head. Reviewing each item at if it were a historical treasure and wondering if you have put it safely away. You pull your gear bag out and begin the treasure hunt to see if it’s contents are complete. You remember briefly where the meeting spot is, and you know you’ll be able to find it again. Passing thoughts of the last time you were on the water linger through your mind. Another clinic with Aquabatics is about to begin.

I started by wanting to share the sport I love and to challenge my own skill set. I searched around on the internet, recommended by a friend, I found where the course was offered. I knew it was going to be a fun time, yet I was nervous as well.

Over the months leading up to the course I remembered all the different rivers I had paddled. I tried to think of all the paddling skills I have been taught and related them to Paddle Canada requirements I would be teaching. I needed to break down each skill into simple teachable steps.

Days before I began to check my gear list, knowing not only my safety but also others relied on my list. I am challenging myself to become a certified Paddle Canada SUP instructor.

We are alike, when it comes to learning about paddling on the water. Always a student never a master. 

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