AQ Sunday Funday!

AQ Sunday Funday!

AQ Staff
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The 2020 season started off a little worrisome. With the event of COVID-19, we were unsure how the season would pan out.

Families suddenly resorted to the outdoors or individuals took up new hobbies. Instead of vacationing to the cottage, people stayed home, which meant an increase of traffic in both our Edmonton and Calgary shops. We sold out of most recreational kayaks and paddle-boards in a month with pre-season orders starting weeks ago. 

Through a shockingly busy summer, our shop staff took a well deserved Sunday off. We went paddling of course...

With six vehicles rolling up to Pearce Estate Park (Harvie Passage), our hands were full with play boats, river runners, SUP boards, and surf boards. 


Tom Stewart


Nikki and Simon's boy, Travis. 

Jocelyn, Chloe, & Kaelynn.


Nikki & Simon.

Cadence, Talia, & Jocelyn. 



After many swims and gnarly wipeouts, we finished off with a BBQ in the park. The fun didn't end there, we swung by Winsport (COP) for luging! Simon and Travis kept a steady lead throughout the runs, with Brian or Tom sweeping by to cross the finish line. 

Thank you for supporting local this season, see you on the water!


Words by: Maddie Nesom 

Photos by: Bernard Ehehalt

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