The Yakima Fatcat 4 & 6 - Rooftop Ski & Board Carrier.

The Yakima Fatcat 4 & 6 - Rooftop Ski & Board Carrier.

AQ Staff
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Back when I was just out of high school, I used to frequent shows by this amazing Jam band called the Fat Cats. I also had a lot more hippy tendencies then, no I will not be posting pictures from that era.  The FatCats 4 and 6 I get to deal with now are not the jam band kind, they are more of the  sweetest roof top ski and snowboard carrier out there kind. 

Ok, that was a stretch for an opening paragraph but, hey at least your still here reading, right? The Fat Cat by Yakima is a great option for transporting your skis and snowboards. It works great for someone that doesn’t wasn’t to invest in a roof box or doesn’t have the space to store a roof box when not in use.

The Fat Cat comes in two models. The FatCat 4 and the FatCat 6.   As you most likely guessed, the FatCat 4 can hold up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards. While its bigger sister the FatCat 6 can hold up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards.

Both the four and six models attach to the majority of crossbars on the market today.  With a keyed lock system, dual pivot legs and easy strap system, they can attach in minutes and you and your gear are securely on your way to your favorite resort or hidden gem backcountry location.

If your in the market for a stellar ski and snowboard carrier, I strongly urge you to check out the Fat Cat Series by Yakima. It’s a great investment for a great product that will stand up to our harsh Canadian winters, while still being gentle on your gear.  Feel free to give the shops in Edmonton or Calgary a call with any questions. We have both sizes in stock and ready to ship to you at no extra cost.


Words by Staffer Andy. 

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