SUP, Storms, & Sunsets - Lisa Stocking

SUP, Storms, & Sunsets - Lisa Stocking

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May Long Weekend in Alberta runs the range of weather: hot, cold, sun, cloud, storms, wind, lightning and thunder. Snow was all that was missing

Thursday afternoon I picked up my new BADFISHER SUP from Aquabatics. We loaded all our gear into the holiday trailer and headed out Saturday morning early to Fawcett Lake.

My husband and I both drew walleye tags for here so we thought we’d check it out as neither of us had fished here before.

We trolled out close to shore towards a point I had researched that looked good for fishing. Not a single bite on the way out…weird. Generally, I can catch even a small hammer handle Northern Pike paddling but nada.

We reached the point and had lunch sheltered from the wind. Our lunch table, aka bird poop rock, was perfect. I’ve been experimenting with backcountry recipes and it was a great time to try one while out fishing. Thanksgiving Dinner was for lunch. It was tasty, will make again. (Recipe below).

I was able to park my SUP rock side and sit on my cooler while dining. What this picture doesn’t show is the steep drop off at the end of my board.

To this point we were one fish into the day, and while my stove boiled I tossed out my line -  bang fish on. Three more casts three more fish. Sweet spot! 

We continued to fish around the point as the weather deteriorated. We were a little over 3 km from camp so paid close attention to the weather. When the lightning started, we paddled back to shore quickly, just beating the storm and hunkering down in the trailer as the rain hit hard.

We headed back out on the water after supper and I finally found a couple small walleye, but it was definitely a tough fishing day.

The sunset was spectacular as the evening winds died down, and the lake itself was quite quiet with very little boat traffic. We scored a great camping spot (message me for exact details) and had a great kick off to the paddling season.


Happy paddling.

I Live Life Now,


Lisa Stocking


CSEP-CPT/RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Level 1 SUP Instructor Paddle Canada

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