COVID-19 UPDATE - MAY 13th, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE - MAY 13th, 2020

Simon Coward
3 minute read

Hello Paddlers,

As this situation evolves super rapidly, we are having to pivot almost daily to keep up.  


So, we are now staffed from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday in both locations.  This has us available for phone calls, emails, to send orders, set up curbside pickups etc.

We are continuing to service both our Edmonton and Calgary customers with the following:

👉Weekly to your home, contact free deliveries.  Wednesdays in Calgary and every Thursday in Edmonton
👉Full web and phone support through our Calgary AND Edmonton locations
👉Gift cards are available for purchase online and can be physically sent to you or applied as an online code (see link below)
👉Live Stream product information, kayak videos and interviews through this facebook page.


  • If you are coming by to pickup an item, please call us at 403 288 9283 or 780 463 4892 in advance within business hours
  • When you arrive, give a good solid knock on the door (bottom door in Calgary)
  • We will have your order ready to go, we ask you step back behind the concrete barrier, we will then place your item outside the door, and once we are back inside you are free to grab it.
  • We will provide a hearty virtual high 5 and will catch you in person once all this clears up!

With the need for social distancing we have brainstormed on how we can continue to be a support to the local and greater area paddling communities. 

Currently we are working on implementing the following:

  • Online Live Stream product and paddling information sessions. These will be done in a forum where attendees can ask questions in real time, and will function much like an in-store interaction
  • We are  offering weekly ‘Contact Free’ deliveries in Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Our tradeshow season has been shut down; these are normally the source of some great deals for early season paddlers. We will be offering these online shortly.
  • We are currently working on our COVID-19 process to be able to run courses and clinics adhering to the provinces regulations at this time.

Thanks everyone for your support and friendship over the years. We will continue to do our best to return the favor and plan on being here for many years to come. We will also practise what we preach and continue to support local businesses both in-store and online.

We hope that the aggressive measures in place make for a speedy resolution to this situation.

Stay Safe and Healthy


Simon Coward and the AQ Outdoors Team

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