Spicy Conditions on 93 South

Spicy Conditions on 93 South

Simon Coward
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Words By: Alison McPherson

This Monday Funday we headed out on 93 south to check things out but had no high expectations due to the current conditions.  We knew things were spicy out there as we heard lots of whumpfing and settlements.  Reality really set in when we remote triggered a size 2 on the uptrack.  We were at about 2100m on an east facing aspect when a settlement propogated about 100m and released the slide on a convex feature.  Consolidated storm snow was sitting on weak facets about 50-100cm deep. 

                                                           PHOTO:  Checking out the start zone of the avalanche.


Choosing our route carefully, we continued upwards being very aware of the conditions and our terrain selection.  We skied a south facing aspect higher up in the trees but weren't too stoked on the riding quality having a crusty layer on top.  Having not enough motivation to go back and do that run again, we decided to go further down to where we had remote triggered the slide.  We ended up doing some yo-yo laps on this low-angle terrain and had some blower pow and wicked turns to finish the day off.


                                                           PHOTO:  Tom enjoying the goods at the end of the day.


Conditions are definitely touchy out there and making careful terrain selection is crucial.  Always remember to check the avy forecast and read recent trip reports for more beta before heading out.


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