North Water 4 Bailer Review - Recreational Paddlers Dream Item

North Water 4 Bailer Review - Recreational Paddlers Dream Item

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Review By:  Andrew Watt | AQ Outdoors Edmonton 

Hello recreational paddlers and kayak anglers! This Review is for you.   As we all should already be aware, safety is the most important aspect of paddling. One-way I stay safe, besides wearing my lifejacket, and I hope you do as well, is by having the appropriate safety gear and equipment on board

The North Water 4 Bailer allows us to have the required safety gear to help meet Canadian regulations as well as staying safe on the water.   It’s a throw bag, bailer, and whistle that attaches nicely to the boat via a small clip. It allows us to have it handy in case of an emergency, instead of keeping bulky items in the front hatch out of reach, and unusable when you may need it the most.

North Water 4 Bailer

Thankfully this is one product I’ve never used in an emergency, and I am hoping I (or you) never have a situation that requires its use but, having its handy and easily accessible just in case is one less thing to worry about.

The 4 bailer is a safety rope/throw bag, bailer, and whistle combination we send out with all our rec and fishing rentals here at Aquabatics. They stand up to the test of time and repeated use very well. As we all know people tend to be a little rough on rental equipment and we’ve never had one damaged or returned broken ever. 

North Water 4 Bailer Blue

The red, black, or blue throw bags come with 50 feet of rope, a whistle, and built in bailer which are ideal for the recreational paddler or the kayak fisherman.  Whether you need to tow someone in a pinch, signal for help or help someone in distress, at a great price of $35 it’s a small investment that helps ensure your safety, while meeting legal requirements on the water. One thing we do still recommend however is having a signaling device on you at all time. This generally means adding a fox 40 or other pea-less whistle to your pfd as well.

Feel free to check the 4 bailer out online:

North Water 4 Bailer Throwbag

North Water 4 Bailer Throwbag


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See you on the water

Andrew. W

Asst, Manager Aquabatics Edmonton

Aquabatics Fishing Team Member

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