Mix Master

Mix Master

Simon Coward
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Words By: Tim Shaw

Yesterday we headed out to the Kananaskis River to take the Jackson Kayak's Mix Masters for a test. As we pulled them out of their packaging I was very excited. They looked super fun, slicy and lets be honest 'Old School". I pulled the 7.5 out first, the bigger one. Jumped into it only to find it wasn't really made for a 6'3" Tim. A little disappointed I loaded the two sizes up onto the roof for Danny and Anne to test out.

All Loaded Up                                   Photo: Tim S

Once at the river we found that the 7.5 was even a bit tight for Danny, and the 7 a bit small for Anne. In both we had to move the seats all the way to the back.

These boats are small, the 7 is 44 Gal and the 7.5 is 52 Gal! Eventually we were on the water and we were in for a treat!

Anne and Danny looking to the Sky                 Photos: Tim S             Danny Checking Out the Squirt Function

On the water the boat is a cosmic collision of Old School, New School, Squirt, and Freestyle. 

Surfing up a storm                          Photos: Tim S

How does it surf... Really, really well. Even on a small wave where most Freestyle boats wouldn't stay on the Mix Master has that little bit more speed to stay on there.

For those who know the 'Kan' surfers wave, it was amazing to carve on almost like sitting on a surf board.

Needless to say, I was getting jealous. So I attacked the foam, moved the seat even further back and squished myself in!! For some play time at Cartwheel corner. 

Squirt and Ends                  Photos: Danny G

To sum it up the Mix Master is a great way to spice up the river, making easier water a lot of fun. Just try the size before you get to the river haha, it is deceivingly small.

I am looking forward to more squirting action once the snow melts a bit more and the temperature warms up.

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