Dagger Phantom Thoughts

Dagger Phantom Thoughts

Simon Coward
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Words By: Tim Shaw

Cover Photo: Anne Shaw

It has been very exciting this past week. With the announcement of the RPM come back and finally paddling some harder water in the Phantom. Here in Alberta it is shaping up to be the best spring ever! Well for me anyway... Those who have been here longer tell me this is how it is supposed to be!

Anyway, I got out on a big water Wigwam (see cover shot, by Anne) and was stoked with how fast the boat was and how I seamed to ride over almost anything. I was however getting a lot of water in my face and finding the nose often getting caught. I had the seat a little forward thinking this would make the boat easier to handle. However I decided to see what would happen if I moved it back to the centre.

Enjoying great flows on the Bull       Photos: Anne Shaw

This lead me to Cataract Creek yesterday at a nice medium flow. This was a great day, felt like Dagger boats were making a resurgence from their glory days. We had 4 out of 6 boats on the river Dagger boats and all of em Phantoms. Three of these were the purple Arora colour adding to the laughter and smiles. 

Danny Lining up The Notch                   Benny flying off Zig Zag                   Tom on the lip of Titan

Photos: Tim Shaw

With the seat back in the centre position, I found the boat much easier to turn and move if I was off line. I also found I a lot less water was ending up in my face.

Over the whole run we were super stoked with these boats and stoked to be paddling them this season. 

Tom firing the Notch                      Danny finding the launch command     A true Phantom

Photos: Tim Shaw

In the end I am stoked with the boat, but even more excited about this season. So whatever the boat and your level, be sure to get out there and enjoy paddling.

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