How to Trim Splitboard Skins - with Video

How to Trim Splitboard Skins - with Video

Simon Coward
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In the below video tutorial Tom Stewart covers how to trim splitboard skins.  This tutorial is appropriate for all splitboard skin types including G3Voile & Black Diamond. Check out our G3 Skin review here

For a bullet point text description, please scroll down past the video:


How to Trim Splitboard Skins Process

  • Create a clean and spacious work area
  • Make sure plastic protective covering is removed from the skin
  • Ensure the base of the board is clean and free of stickers
  • Split your board so it is in ski mode
  • Make sure you put the correct skin on the correct ski!

Using G3 Skin Trimming Tool

  • When you put the skin on to prepare to cut, do the following:
    • Line up the straight edge of the skin with the inside of the straight edge of the 'ski'
    • Fully glue the skin down.  At this stage you should be able to see the entire straight edge of the board
  • Now it's time to cut
    • Cut from the nose of the board to the tail (on the sidecut edge)
    • Use the trim tool to slightly lift the skin (this cuts the skin in the correct spot)
    • Now in a smooth straight and uniform movement, commit and cut the skin

Using Other Trim Tools (Voile, Black Diamond, etc)

For other trim tools the main difference is in the positioning of the skin for cutting:

  • Instead of lining the straight edge of the skin up with the inside of the straight edge of the board, you need to move the skin an extra edge width towards the center of the board.
  • Because these trimming tools dont have a 'guide' like the G3 ones, this means once you cut the skin, you have an extra edge width free for the sidecut edge.
  • It is EASIER TO WATCH THE VIDEO to understand this.  It starts at 3:45.  Click here to jump straight to this part of the tutorial

Thanks for checking out our how to trim splitboard skins blog post.  Trimming your splitboard skins is a very quick and easy job.  If you have questions about how to trim your splitboard skins, or splitboard questions in general, please don't hesitate to contact us by any of the methods below.

Happy Riding

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