G3 Splitboard Skin Lineup Review - Video

G3 Splitboard Skin Lineup Review - Video

Madison Nesom
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Welcome to our G3 Splitboard Skin lineup review.  Here at AQ Outdoors / Splitboard HQ we pride ourselves in providing quality products for outdoor enthusiasts or recreational users. As we gear up for the winter season, we want to make sure you're ready to get after it in the mountains this season. Experiencing the G3 Splitboarding Skins first hand, we are confident in the quality of experience these skins provide while touring the backcountry. 


First Thoughts

Through the good and the bad, we've always stuck with our friends from G3. There was a short time where G3 skins gained the reputation that glue on their skins degraded more quickly than users would expect. However, G3 has really improved their product while providing excellent service to their customers over previous issues. We recommend the G3 skins for a few reasons:

1. Adhesive strength - Updated non-toxic adhesive leaves you no reason to worry about your skins while exploring the backcountry. 

2. Tail/tip connectors - Placing the tail/tip connectors has never been easier. This system is inspired by G3's ski clips but custom tailored for split boards. Lightweight, secure, and durable. 

3. Environmentally friendly - G3's waterproofing treatment is PFC free! 

Video review on G3 Splitboard Climbing Skins

What type of splitboarder are you?

When choosing the right skins it comes down to what type of splitboarder you are and what type of terrain you venture on. G3 Splitboard + skins come in three different styles: Universal, Glide, and Grip. 

G3 Splitboard + Universal Skins: The G3 Universal Skins are the go-to option for beginners or for split boarders that tour a variety of terrain. They are designed for any location and all conditions. Optimal grip, glide, weight, and durability. 

G3 Splitboard + Glide Skins: If you're making miles on flatter terrain, the G3 Glide Skins are the option for you. 65% mohair for optimal glide and 35% nylon for added durability. Ideal for colder, dryer conditions. 

G3 Splitboard + Grip Skins: The G3 Grip skins are meant for those steep or icy ascents. High-traction nylon plush material for durability and versatility. Grip skins are also suitable for beginners as they give confidence during ascents. 

Skin Care

It's easy to damage your splitboard skins if you don't care for them. Don't let $200+ go to waste--take the time to ensure your skins are properly cared for. 

  • Drying - When drying your G3 skins, make sure to peel them apart and hang them where the glue won't make contact with anything. Pet hair is no fun to have stick to your skins. 
  • Storing - When storing your G3 skins, it is best to keep them in a cool, dry area. Avoid any direct sunlight or lighting that emits UV.
  • Glue + waterproof renew - Overtime, the glue and waterproofing will start to degrade on your skins. Increase the lifespan of your skins by purchasing both glue and waterproofing renew. 
  • G3 Love Glove - When out in the field, refrain from getting gunk on your gloves and keeping your skins in a damaging area. The G3 Love Glove provides protection while riding and decreases moisture on the skins.

For more tips and tricks on how to care for your G3 skins visit G3 University

Happy touring!

That's it, that's all for our quick rundown on G3 Splitboard Climbing Skins. For more information feel free to visit our website, stop by the shop, or give us a call.

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