2021 Sweet Strutter Kayak Helmet
2021 Sweet Strutter Kayak Helmet
2021 Sweet Strutter Kayak Helmet
2021 Sweet Strutter Kayak Helmet
2021 Sweet Strutter Kayak Helmet
Sweet Protection

2021 Sweet Strutter Kayak Helmet


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The Strutter is a whitewater icon offering impressive low-volume protection for river running and playboating.
Sweet Protection's revolutionary Long Fiber Thermoplastic (LFT) shell technology offers the perfect combination of elasticity and rigidity, and the ultra rigid internal carbon fiber frontal shell strengthens the helmet and covers your temples.

Certification CE - 1385
Sizes S/M (53 - 56cm) | M/L (56 - 59cm ) | L/XL (59 - 61cm)
Weight 490 g (M/L)
  • OCCIGRIP:  Makes the helmet easily adjustable with a low volume mechanism. The Occigrip construction provides a firm and comfortable fit and prevents the helmet from rolling on your head.
  • COMFORT PADS:  Molded comfort pads with soft and comfortable foam wrapped in an anti allergenic, moisture wicking fabric.
  • EVA SHOCK ABSORBING LINER:  The EVA Shock Absorbing Liner provides great low volume shock absorption. The liner offers high memory and low temperature toughness and crack resistance, providing great protection for low speed impacts.
  • LFT SHELL TECHNOLOGY:  (LFT = Long Fiber Thermoplastic): A combination of super tough Polyamide and long fiberglass injected together. The LFT Shell Technology is super tough and offers a great combination of elasticity and rigidity. This greatly improves impact performance in low volume helmets.
  • CRP SHELL TECHNOLOGY:  The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Shell provides an incredible strength to weight ratio, rigidity and impact performance
Helmet Model & Size Width (mm) Length (mm)
Strutter (S/M) 159 207
Strutter (M/L) 165 213
Strutter (L/XL) 170 219
Wanderer (S/M) 160.39 196.93
Wanderer (M/L) 166.90 204.92
Wanderer (L/XL) 171.49 210.55
Rocker HC (M/L) 165.44 213.14
Rocker HC (L/XL) 169.99 219
Rocker Fullface (M/L) 165.44 219
Rocker Fullface (L/XL) 169.99 219