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breaking into the backcountry

With Guest Speakers Abby Cooper & Haley Daniels
guest speaker one
Haley daniels
Say hello to Haley Daniels—an Olympic canoe slalom champ and a winter-loving splitboarder, ice climber, and all-around adventurer. Haley has been a high performance athlete for most of her life and brings a wealth of experience when it comes to managing fear, risk, and sexism in the adventure sport industry. Haley comes to us with tips and tricks on how to grow and flourish--even in the face of adversity.
guest speaker two
Abby Cooper
Meet Abby Cooper—a sea-to-sky-based splitboarder, climber, hiker, adventurer, photographer, and wordsmith. Abby's been in the industry for over a decade, and through the highs and lows she's gained some incredibly valuable experiences. She joins us to share some of that wisdom with anyone itching to break into the backcountry.