WHAT’S SUP on the River this Summer!

WHAT’S SUP on the River this Summer!

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Good day to all of you curious readers and potential paddlers. As a Badfish Team athlete and Aquabatics Ambassador, I would like to share some of the amazing ways you can get out on the water and test your River SUP skills this summer.

Aquabatics will be teaming up with my Badfish teammate, Reta Boychuk, to help get more skills courses in the SUP community and help organize some amazing events for you to come out and participate in and test your existing skills or newly learned river skills. So you don’t miss out, I would like to share with you information regarding all of these events! 

Starting in the spring at Three Rivers Rendezvous in Pincher Creek, Reta will be leading clinics for all levels, and I will be leading river runs for all SUP abilities along with fellow Aquabatics Ambassadors and Adlai Majer from Kootenay Paddleboards. If you have never tried River SUP, this is the weekend to come out and get your feet wet with Reta!  If you have tried it, this is the time to dig out your gear from last season and come out and make some new friends and get a start on a wicked season.

From Pincher Creek, Reta and I are thrilled to be heading to Colorado to compete in Whitewater SUP events that take place from late May to early June. We will be posting information on Instagram about our adventures and road trip and our competition results, and we hope you will enjoy following our progress there. Someday, we hope that SUP events in Canada will become just as popular and as exciting as the ones in Colorado.

As the spring turns into summer, there will be Progressive Clinics lead by Reta in Calgary and myself in Smithers, BC, through Aquabatics. Attending these clinics will be an excellent way for you to keep growing your skills and getting ready for the fun events at Toby Creek and Kanfest.  

Don’t be shy about connecting with the SUP community, and come out and join Badfish Athletes, Reta Boychuk and Brittany Parker, at the Slave River Festival. Join them during the daytime for clinics and events either as a spectator or a paddler. In the evening enjoy the feast and socialize with the SUP Community until the sun goes down.

You will find me with my favourite SUP community at the Unlikely PaddleFest in Likely, BC. Make sure you bring your SUP board and try out your balance in the “Unlikely to Stand Up Event”, and explore the local waterway opportunities.


If you are curious and are ready to see WHAT’S SUP on the river this summer.

- Kimberley Kenyon

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