Twenty Questions with Manager Brian C.

Twenty Questions with Manager Brian C.

Aquabatics Edmonton
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 This week’s staffer twenty questions bring us to this stellar individual, otherwise known as Brian Casey. I (Andy) would not be as comfortable in my position here at the Edmonton shop if it weren’t for this man.  He is my go-to person for any obscure canoe and snowshoe knowledge, he listens to me vent when days get stressful, and he’s super knowledgeable about all things paddling, and the outdoors in general.    Besides being awesome, and an all-around great guy / husband / father / and Manager, Brian is the Vinyl-Tec 2000 that holds things together down in Calgary, as retail shop manager.  Stepping up when needed and helping always, Brian embodies the AQOutdoors mantra. I am stoked to call him my friend and were glad to have him as part of the AQ crew.    Scroll below to check out twenty questions with Brian!!!

 Twenty Questiosn with Brian C. 


1.Who the heck are yeah?

Brian Casey – Calgary Retail Shop Manager and instructor.


Be sure to ask Brain the story behind his canoe patches next time you're by the YYC shop


  1. Where yeah from?

Moncton, New Brunswick. Calgary has been my home since 2005.


  1. When did you start paddling? 

When I was in Cub Scouts back home at the age of eight. I have always been around water, growing up on a beach in Grande-Digue, New Brunswick, and originally started with canoeing.


  1. How did you get involved working at Aquabatics? 

I didn’t have any relation with Aquabatics before I started working here. This is my fourth, full-time, season with Aquabatics where I continue to grow relationships within the paddling community.


  1. What’s the best thing about working for Aquabatics?

Being able to have a job that involves my passion. Plus, this job requires me to be hands on and I love the number of ‘fixer upper’ tasks. I have enjoyed helping out with Quick Start courses and evening rental sessions, means more time on the water!


  1. If you could build the perfect watercraft what would it look like? 

I want a 16-foot canoe with a removable center saddle, tandem spray deck, full of gear for an expedition. Is that too much to ask?


  1. Where is your favorite place to paddle, well one your comfortable sharing with the world anyway?

The Glenmore Reservoir. A local gem.


  1. What's the longest commute you have made for a weekend of paddling?

New Brunswick to Regina to work as a canoe guide…


  1. If you could only pick one, Canoe or Kayak? Why?

Tough decision. Depends on my mood. Can we go 50/50?


Out for a paddle @ Glenmore Reservoir. 


  1. How are you pushing yourself on the water?

Paddling on my days off as much as I can, splitting it between canoeing and kayaking.


  1. Do you prefer canoe packs or barrels when on longer trips?

Barrel with a harness. If you have a small sheet of plywood, you can set it up between two barrels and have a backcountry table.


  1. When you solo paddle, do you sit on the bow seat backwards, kneel by a center thwart or just bring a kayak? why?

If it is a calm day on the water, kneeling on the centre thwart. If it’s adverse conditions (wind, rain) I would totally kayak with a rudder, neoprene skirt, and pogies.


  1. Do you do any type of winter training?

I stationary bike while playing video games. I also enjoy working with my TRX suspension trainer.


Paddling for Run for Life. Confusing yes. but its for a great cause read more here.


  1. What is your dream run or trip?

Miramichi River, Little Southwest, New Brunswick. I would love to take my father (again) and now my son on this seven-day trip.


  1. What is the coolest thing you’ve seen while paddling?

When I was on a group trip on the Little Southwest, we went around a corner where there was a fishing lodge. Sitting on a chair in front of the lodge was a black bear. Sitting in the chair.


  1. What’s the best advice you would give to someone brand new to paddling?

Dress for the water temperature, take courses, and ask questions.


  1. If you could go paddling with anyone in the world past or present who would it be?

My father and my son.


  1. Is there anything you would change about the sport?

I would love to see more people get more educated on water safety.


  1. If you could only have one food to eat for the rest of eternity what would it be and why?

My wife, Amy, makes a delicious Filipino dish, pork dinuguan.


  1. Is there anything I missed you wanted to add?

We’re out of 230cm paddles.


Thanks a bunch for taking the time these specific 20 questions in between my numerous daily questions.  You rock Brain, thanks again for everything. 


Questions by Andy W. 

Answered by Brian C


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