Top Hat Peak Area - Jan 1st, 2018 (w/video)

Top Hat Peak Area - Jan 1st, 2018 (w/video)

Simon Coward
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Happy New Year Everyone!

Just wanted to check in with a quick video trip report from New Years Day.  We headed up from Emerald Lake Parking Lot into the Top Hat Peak/Emerald Peak zone.  When we left the car park it was -32 degrees, by the time we hit the Alpine a few hours later we were in short sleeves and no gloves.  The sun was shining and there was a rather aggressive temperature inversion, it was an amazing day to be in the hills.

I will let the video paint a picture of the day but we were treated to great snow on southerly and easterly aspects and managed to ride/ski the run down to Emerald Creek from the Emerald Peak/Top Hat Col.  We were also treated to quite the show when Mt Carnarvon's south ridge shed most of the new storm snow in a 15 minute period.  Very cool to see form a high and dry safe location.

One or two groups had been up there the days prior and had ridden some pretty outstanding lines, the crew who rode of Carnarvons south ridge had an all time looking line!

The riding is pretty darn good right now, stay safe and check out for current hazard reports

Happy Shredding

The Splitboard HQ Team

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